Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We voted

I went with my kids to the polls first thing this morning. My son has the day off and went to vote between loads of laundry, and my girl was on her way to work. I told them they are the change generation: In their short lifetime, they have been privileged to vote for the nation's first African American president, and now (we hope) the nation's first woman president. My daughter wore red, white, and blue. May her belief in the nation of her birth be rewarded today.


  1. Yes! I wrote about that today! How my grandchildren will NEVER know a world in which it is unthought of, unheard of, for an African American to be president and now, please, please, please- for a woman to hold that office.

  2. Living just outside of Toronto, Canada, I have observed this election with disbelief. It truly comforts me that every single one of my American friends,relatives and acquaintances will do the right thing and vote for Hillary tonight. My oldest was born in Kansas and is a dual citizen. I am proud to say that she exercised her right to vote. She is with HER.