Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cake and love

"Another belief of mine: 
that everyone my age is an adult, 
whereas I am merely in disguise"

—Margaret Atwood


  1. You look so good, and that looks like a fabulous time! Happy Birthday and many more. You are the adult and their is no better you!

  2. Yes - me, too :)

    Lovely pictures!!

  3. Yes, that made me laugh, we are all just kids at heart.
    Wonderful pictures, Angela. You look beamingly beautiful and there's so much love coming through all of them. The pinks are gorgeous, they're just you - and they gave you pink candles too! And that cake! Looks like strawberry cheesecake, yum, pristine in the first picture and well attacked in the last :)
    Happy day after, birthday.

  4. Beautiful pictures.
    Beautiful quote. I guess that we all feel this way, don't we?