Thursday, July 27, 2017

Light and dark

There's a lot going on, life happening. My husband is in a lot of pain with muscle spasms in his back, walking is excruciating for him, and our son slept over last night to help out. Our daughter just texted that she's coming over tonight to cook us dinner so we don't have to think about that, and my God how lucky and blessed we are with our children. I am humbled with gratitude for them. My son took his dad to the ER yesterday, and I think his EMT uniform got them moved through a little more quickly than would otherwise have happened. Just as I never worry about a situation being well handled if my husband is present, I realize that now I feel the same way about my children.

As for the current president's decree yesterday that transgendered people should no longer be allowed to serve in any capacity in the military, I hope someone sues his office and forces the courts to overturn him. Some say the tweeted decree was his effort to distract people from the health care shenanigans playing out in the Senate, another atrocity, but if that is so, it just shows the extent of his soullessness, that he could conceive of such inhumanity in the name of distraction. He is empty to the core, a yawning dark hole of malevolence. We will not be sucked into its maw. We will resist him and his enablers.

In the meantime, my daughter and her boyfriend are dog-sitting again this week, a chilled-out little guy named Beau. Last weekend they sat for a puppy named Ned, who they said was a cute little monster, who had to be walked incessantly. In the middle of the night, after cleaning up Ned's mess in her brand new apartment, my girl logged onto the dog sitting website and changed her profile to say no dogs under nine months, or who are not house trained. That's a picture of her holding Ned. I love when she dog sits because I meet her in the courtyard and stroll along with her as she walks the dog. Loveliest exercise ever.

Please send a good thought for my husband, that his pain goes away, that he can walk firm once more. My son says I am trying to will him better on an unreasonable timeline for what he has. Only time and rest will fix things, he said. The meds aren't fixing anything; they don't even take the edge off the pain. 

Patience, grasshopper. 


  1. I am so sorry your husband is in pain. Mine is, too. It pretty much defines how life proceeds. It's good that your kids are there to help.

  2. Your kids are stepping up to the plate, just as you did with your parents. They are taking their place as adults in yet another meaning of the word. Isn't it wonderful to see, even though the reason for it, your husband's pain and incapacitation, is not. Healing thoughts for your husband's back and for your worry, because worry is also hard.

    And yes, this latest move in politics is sad, truly sad. The current president has made a mockery of that word "sad" but I refuse to stop using it where it applies.

  3. May your husband heal quickly.
    May our country survive.

  4. Should I even bother saying anything about Trump? I still can't get over the fact that a grown man, never mind the president "tweets". I feel bad for all my Americans can friends on that point alone. What an embarrassment. But the real problem is a psychopath is president and he thinks he can change human rights. Scary.

    But on a lighter note, that dogs ears made me laugh out loud and I am home alone. Norbert gave me a weird look.

  5. I have suffered back spasms and know how excruciating any movement can be. I'm so sorry he is suffering and hope he heals quickly. For me, valium was prescribed as a muscle relaxant and was very effective.

  6. Sending good vibes to your husband from UK. Hope he will feel better soon. X

  7. So sorry to hear about PAIN, especially the pain suffered by loved one. Glad your son has some amount of influence getting his father seen to! We all need champions! Know that my thoughts are of you and your husband and relief is on the way!! Powerful thoughts! LOVE love LOVE the photo of the beauty and the pooch! Adorable and really made my day! Made my chest sort of hurt , like too much love crammed in there. My baby left yesterday. Wahhhhh

  8. OH NO! So sorry to hear this Rosemary. Praying for him and a quick recovery.

  9. Back pain is awful but it will pass. As for the awful man in charge, you people will figure it out. You will.

  10. My message did not go thru but I was praying for your husband. May he be well soon. Sending you a big hug❤️

  11. I hope your husband's pain is getting better! Back pain is the worst.

    Ned is a very cute dog, I'll say that much. I'd try my best to forgive him his shortcomings. :)

    I absolutely think Trump's decisions about transgendered people in the military and his Justice Department's declaration that anti-discrimination laws don't apply to LGBT people are efforts to divert our attention. He's trying to get us to forget about Russia. That's the ball we need to keep our eye on.

  12. Oh, this is terrible...I hope he's better quickly but from what you sa, it will take awhile and involve doctors. So sorry. Ned is too cute!


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