Saturday, July 8, 2017

We went to Santorini

My girl and I had so much fun at the Wine and Paint class last night. She had given me a gift certificate for the class for my birthday, and last night we redeemed it. Smart girl, she knew the best part of the gift for me was the chance to do the class with her. She brought the wine, a rose and a Malbec. Even when she's kidding around, she can't help but present the bottle as a sommelier would—our education dollars at work, haha.

The walls of the studio walls were filled with paintings from other classes, everything from Georgia O'Keefe's poppy to sailboats to Monet's garden to a portrait of the studio owner's pet. We had chosen to paint a scene from Santorini, Greece. The deep blues and crisp whites appealed to us. Our teacher assured us she taught kindergarten by day, and so was well equipped to lead us through the stages of making the painting while we drank wine."Just one thing," she implored. "Be sure to rinse your brushes in your water jar and not in your wine glass. Every class, it happens."

We got really giggly at certain points, such as when the paint brush seemed to want to go its own way, despite our teacher's very detailed paint-by-numbers approach to mixing colors and covering the canvas, section by section, and building up detail in layers.

We did all end up with paintings that  resembled the master, though I see sections in my own painting that I'm itching to correct. Maybe I'll get some acrylics and set up one of our kids' vacated rooms as a paint studio! I still have an easel in storage somewhere.

The finished product, and two very happy painters. My daughter is the best traveling companion. She has such a bright spirit. Thank you, my darling girl, for the most wonderful of evenings. I'm so on board with your proposal that we do it again soon.


  1. I'm very impressed with the results! What fun! Happiness shines from your faces.

  2. That third photo down the photo of you it made my heart leap up. I adore you for true and you look so happy. xoxoxoxox

  3. I love this!!! Yes, it is SO much fun! And what perfect finished products, ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. I too bought the paints and the canvases and did it at home. I also collaged as part of the process. Soooo fun.

  4. Well done, you two! Have you painted before? (you mentioned having an easel) I am quite sure that I could never do that well, particularly with a couple of glasses of wine in me :)

  5. Two happy women and their lovely paintings. Soglad you had a good evening!

  6. Gorgeous paintings. It's such a blast when your child also takes part. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Your paintings turned out so well! And I love how there are subtle differences between the two of them. Sounds like a fun experience. (Wine helps everything!)

  8. If you ever can, go to Greece. It looks just like that.

  9. I love how happy you look! What a sweet girl. She knows her mama. XXOO


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