Monday, September 3, 2018

Men who cook

On this weekend a year ago I was sitting in a hospital room in the intensive care unit watching little numbers on monitors whose wires were attached to my husband. He'd had his chest cracked open for heart surgery on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and he was just starting on the long road back to health. And he made it. He's doing well these days, better than before.

He made smoked brisket this weekend, a three-day affair, and this afternoon our girl and her guy are coming by to partake of it. They're the cutest. Yesterday my daughter's boyfriend made spare ribs in the stove-top smoker we gave him for his birthday a year ago, and they popped over at close to ten last night to bring us a sample. Hands down, they were the best ribs I ever tasted. The man and I were seriously impressed. Today, my husband returns the favor with his brisket, which my daughter's boyfriend declares is the best brisket he's ever tasted.

Other than these culinary forays, it's been a low-key weekend. I've been writing every spare moment, as I set myself a goal of 35K words by the end of today. I'm closing in on 34K at the moment, and that might be as good as it gets for today. In the book I wrote last year, which was on the same schedule, I was about ten thousand words further along at this time, even with the break I took when my husband got sick and had to have a leaky heart valve replaced. I'm trying to get in as much work time as possible, as my daughter and I are heading out of town soon for some down time on our favorite lazy river. It's to celebrate her promotion, and just for a quick mama-daughter getaway. I can't wait.

I've been seeing this sentiment around on social media, and I like it. I told my husband I'll keep choosing him every day.


  1. I have never had brisket. Actually, I have also never had okra or black-eyed peas. The things you can learn through blogging!
    My husband is a better cook than I am. My dad was a good cook too but it was usually pretty basic stuff.
    Good luck with your writing. I still have not got myself to the post office. Soon.

  2. Sweet to celebrate a year of your husband's return to good health. I love food and food talk and celebration with food. The joy of food!

    Always happy to think of you writing. The joy of writing!

    And spending time with your daughter. The joy!

    That's a fine quote, too.

  3. We who would choose the same partner every day are the lucky ones, aren't we?
    I sure am glad that your sweet man is a year off from those scary, horrible days.

  4. So sweet, everyone want s to hear "I choose YOU", brings back the haunting memories of team choosing and being the last one- EVERY time.
    Ribs, now I am hungry for ribs, must go to the deli, now, I am not a good cook...

  5. I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm so thankful he is well and doing well. And yeah, I'd choose my hubby over and over and over.

  6. Was that really a year ago? I'm so glad you're both in a better place now! Having someone cook for you really IS an incredible luxury (and an incredible gift, on their part).

  7. my husband does the cooking here. I was the main cook while the kids were growing up and for some years after until we split up the chores. it was dicey when he first started but he's gotten better with the years.

  8. Hurray for men who cook. My dad cooked almost all of our meals for us. It's a wonderful thing to grow up in a house where that happens. So glad your husband is doing well. It's hard to imagine a whole year has passed since then. Wishing you all good health always. Enjoy your vacation with your lovely daughter!

  9. My husband does the cooking and the shopping and I call him the kitchen tyrant. But I choose him every day anew.

  10. So glad he's doing better. Hooray for men who cook!