Sunday, April 19, 2020

Happy birthday Roomie!

Our niece who's been living with us since she graduated college last summer, turned 23 yesterday. The three of us agree that our roommate situation works because none of us feels any need to entertain the others. It's all very free flowing and chill. My daughter and her boyfriend came over, and my girl made her cousin a cookies and cream birthday cake. The rest of us sipped on champange and orange juice mimosas all afternoon. We are mastering the art of celebration in quarantine, the five of us. The day felt quite festive. We Face Timed the birthday girl's mom, dad and sister in Orlando when we sang Happy Birthday. We'll need to take a picture of our Quarantine Five next time, probably on my birthday, which is next up.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet niece and roommate, your other girl.
    I am glad she is there with you to share what comfort and cake there may be.

  2. Kindest wishes to your niece on her 23rd birthday. A sweet celebration!

  3. It's so nice that you have the five of you to celebrate. Really nice.