Sunday, January 24, 2021

Costumed boys

I could use some lighter fare around here. The world has been so weighty of late. I have been escaping when I can into costume dramas, maybe because they generally bear no resemblance to the immediate present. If you know me you know I love a costume drama, and now with Bridgerton and The Spanish Princess, I get to see more inclusive versions of such shows. For no reason at all except that they all provoke me to imagine meeting them in the roles and eras they play on screen, here are some of my favorite costumed boys.

Rege-Jean Page plays the dreamy Simon, Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton

Sam Heughan plays the King of Men, Jaime Fraser, in Outlander

Aaron Cobham plays the soldier Oviedo in The Spanish Princess

David Dawson is compelling as King Alfred in The Last Kingdom 


  1. I never watch TV so I don't know any of the characters or programmes! Geez I'm really out of touch.

  2. There was a meme rolling around the blogging world a few years ago, basically asking what film or book hero did you find sexy. Hard to choose from that bunch, but I am impressed with Rege-Jean Page - I have seen a couple of short interviews with him and he is a very different person from the character he brings to life in Brigerton. I wish they had build more of his backstory into the series in the same way it was done in the book, but he still did a good job of the brooding but sensitive Simon.
    Have not seen 'The Spanish Princess' yet. I have to talk the husband into another costume drama.

  3. What is wrong with me? I have no current imaginary boyfriends!
    Perhaps this is a true sign of aging.
    Although of course, I will always have a crush on a few guys- Keith, Barack. That might actually sum it up.

  4. Sadly, I am out of touch here

  5. We seem to watch the same television shows. I love costumed dramas. But I must admit that I have been waiting for three years now for Diana G. to release "Go tell the Bees that I am gone" and I'm about to give up on it. The draughtlander of 2020 has gotten me looking to ill written bottom row paperbacks to fill in the gap.

  6. I haven't gotten "into" Bridgerton" yet -- just watched the first one or two and didn't feel it. Should I persist?