Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Slow roll

It was the weirdest thing, I wrote and published that last post and then that night, after some comments had come it, it just vanished. Oddly, the comments were still in my queue, but attached now to a ghost post, and I had no idea what had happened. Then, the next morning, the post mysteriously reappeared, but as a draft now, and I wondered if there was anything in it that my guardian god fairies didn't think I should be putting out into the world, because I do think like that sometimes, but in the end I pressed publish again, and there you go. 

I'm in a slow cycle, nothing feeling too pressured yet on my currently active projects. I'm mostly just editing stories for the magazine this week and losing myself in reading books, which for so long I had been unable to do, as my attention was too scattershot. I wonder if it was the effect of perpetual exhausting outrage over the orange ectoplasm, mercifully relieved now by the delightfully boring good intentions of the current president. The kickoff meeting for my new book project is later this week, so I'll need to get busy again on that soon, but for the time being, I'm enjoying the sense of being able to meander a bit. The only downside is there's so little to do in New York beyond park activities and sidewalk dining right now, although that is likely to change soon, as more of the city gets vaccinated. 

My daughter and her love rented an apartment in Brooklyn for June and July, and I'll be so stoked to have them back in the city. My girl continues to do her job remotely, and he got a summer internship with a New York City finance firm. Even though his job is also remote, he figured it would be good to go into the office occasionally for some face time. Nothing like an in-person connection, especially now that offices are starting to open back up. My niece and her husband in Dallas will be coming to visit at some point, too, so the gang will be together again. My husband confessed that the thing he missed most in quarantine was regular get togethers with our young uns and their significant others. Well it seems the party's back on, though it may be moving to Brooklyn.

The apartment my daughter and her boyfriend rented is in a beautiful building with breathtaking rooftop amenities, and even a pet spa for heaven's sake. My daughter was thrilled at having found it. My son scolded his sister that she'll be spending twice as much on rent as he does every month, to which she replied, "Why can't you just be happy for me?" "I want to be happy for your bank account, too," my frugal son shot back. Without missing a beat my girl responded, "If you want to be happy for my bank account you're welcome to start making monthly cash infusions." He had the grace to laugh. I understand him, though. He is saving for a wedding, after all. 

I had a birthday by the way. My husband went down to the flower district the day before and picked up birds of paradise and ginger lilies and made me that beautiful arrangement, and brought home a new orchid, too. 


  1. Those flowers are just stupendously beautiful. Your husband has the eye. The little green house for the tiny plants is also very cool. Happy birthday to you! It's pretty weird to think of "nothing to do" in New York. It will be good when things reopen.

  2. Aaahhh Belated Happy Birthday. It sounds like the flowers were just the thing. Congratulations on your daughters apartment, and I had to laugh at the banking comments. It does sound like something one of my kids would say and probably have at one time.

    I know that things are slowly opening back up here and my son picked up an extra shift at work because of the end of the school year and prom and parties and the like. It isn't that he can't use the extra money. They are still looking for a place to move to and he really wants to get his teeth fixed. Celiac disease has taken a toll on his teeth. They need to come out but it has been a lot of obstacles in his path mainly financial.

    Girl I know just what you mean about vanishing posts. It has happened to me so many times. I am glad that yours at least showed back up. Mine usually never returns. Have a wonderful day. xoxoxo

  3. well, happy birthday! things are slowly getting back to 'before'. don't know if it will be normal. saw a tweet today some idiot R congressman got his panties in a twist because he saw some young women on the bay boating and they had, gasp, masks on. outside! I'm taking a few days of doing nothing to see if whatever is affecting my arm/shoulder will heal.

  4. Your husband has the most wonderful sense of flower arrangement! He and I have very similar tastes, too, so of course I think he's a genius. He's definitely a genius for falling in love with you, darling woman.
    So glad that the kids will be so close this summer. Hurray for two months of being able to hang out with your daughter. And I love the exchange between her and her brother. So typical of siblings! Who else feels they have the right to chastise someone's financial choices like a sibling?

  5. Happy belated birthday! Your husband has a very artistic eye! It makes a beautiful still life. How wonderful to have your loves close again! Slow progress to normality.

  6. Love that flower arrangement, made with so much heartfelt love.
    It is wonderful news that your daughter and her love will be so close this summer. Being able to safely gather again brings so much joy. I look forward to future posts about all of it!
    Happy birthday to you, my fellow Taurus!

  7. Happy birthday! Keep it on the slow roll for a while, it can only be good.

  8. Happy Birthday to you. :)

    And great to hear you'll have your daughter close by for the summer.

    Things are opening up here in the UK, and I had lunch out with some friends today, and was so pleased it was now indoors as it rained non stop all day!

  9. Hard for me to relate, living in a town of 1300 in rural Wisconsin, haha. I always, always thought that I would be a big-city girl, dreamed of it, yearned for it. Then I fell in love with a guy who was from a tiny town, wanted to sty there, and so here I am. I guess at age 70, it's too late to still yearn for that but oh how I wish. I've had a good life, but I will forever, I guess, wish for the might have been. I still yearn for the sights and sounds of a huge city like NYC. Gee, not the post I guess you would like to see, hey.

  10. Hapy belated birthday. That flower arrangement is gorgeous. Your husband is a man of many talents.

    That will be so nice to have your daughter closer for the summer.

    Tonight it's snowing here. I am not impressed.

  11. That photograph is so beautiful. I love the little greenhouse with the succulents inside. I have a 5ft long windowsill covered in various succulent plants, and more around the house...I love them.
    How nice that your daughter is coming back for the summer. I haven't seen one of my boys for about a year now, and he only lives just over an hour away ( Oxford). The covid rules have not allowed it for various reasons!

  12. Happy Birthday, dear friend. I'm remembering now that your beloved is one who creates art with flowers. Meandering is a lovely word to describe what you have been enjoying in recent days.

  13. Happy Birthday! That is a lovely gift from your husband. Glad your family will all be closer soon! More hugging in the future!