Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tulips and packing

My niece Dani brought me tulips when she arrived back from seeing her sister graduate college in Orlando last week. She said the flowers were because she missed my birthday, sweet girl. I love walking down the hall and seeing them in that clean new kitchen, punctuating the green outside our window. We've now fully unpacked the endless boxes and set up the kitchen anew, and those nice empty counter tops are no more. It's a working kitchen after all, and my man doesn't do rooms for preciousness and show. Living spaces are for doing life fully, messily, joyfully, and so there you go. It's a relief to be all moved back in with everything functional. So many bags of stuff went out the door, and yet all the cabinets are once again full. At least I know where everything is for the moment. That will change.

Meanwhile, the man and I have remained symptom free for Covid, and have tested negative on two at-home tests, so I think we're out of the woods. Now I have to get my head in gear and start packing for our road trip to Boston, where we will join the family of my daughter's love in celebrating his graduation from business school. He now has two masters degrees, one in engineering and now an MBA. I am in awe of how his brain works, the things about data and operating systems he seems to understand. 

The last two years sure did go by quickly. The old cliché, seems like just yesterday we were moving them into their new campus digs. And now the young loves have another shared life experience under their belts that I trust will stand them in good stead in the years ahead, which they have expressed an intention to live jointly. I wish them the resilience to ride life's waves, the wisdom to rely on laughter, the equanimity to turn challenges into lessons, and the attention to recognize their many blessings in real time, which they seem to be building a good muscle for doing already.

So, what shall I pack to wear to graduation, and class day, and the brewery visit for grad families, and dinners come evening, and exploring the town that has been home to our young ones for the last two years, where they worked hard but had an enjoyable time and made many new friends too. Not so enjoyable that they're staying north, however. They'll be back in the city by the end of June. Those of you who know me well, know that I am over here trying to get my head on straight for four whole days of showing up. Sometimes, there's no question, though. You have the honor of being invited and you just go. 


  1. You will have a lovely time visiting your daughter and her love. I think you're right about them doing well together because of their shared experiences but also because of you and your husband and what you two have shown them.

  2. Two master's degrees?! Wow! Have a great time. Showing up can be hard but it's worth it. :)

  3. I know, I know, I know, I KNOW! These experiences that you would not trade for anything and yet which cause so much angst and anxiety, especially in the planning and packing part- they are so hard for some of us. I teeter between telling myself that I am very, very brave for doing what I am doing and chastising myself for being such a wimp.
    I know you would not miss this for the world and at the same time, that does not make it all any easier. One step at a time, here's my hand as you accompany your daughter and her love on this time of ceremonial transition and achievement.

  4. Have a safe and good journey. And congratulations to your daughter's love. Quite an accomplishment, two masters degrees!

  5. Nice to have reasons to celebrate! Cherish the memories!

  6. Two years already! and soon they will be back. Actually, I thought they already had an apartment back in the city. So wear what makes you comfortable and enjoy the days but I do get it. Even a day trip to another city for a graduation made me a little anxious, having to be sociable.

  7. You inspire me in the many ways you show up for your family and now for the graduation of your daughter's beloved.

    Your new kitchen is so beautiful. I love seeing the kitchen from this angle, with the tulips in the window and the lovely city trees.

  8. You are Blessed in so many ways and that is just wonderful and a fantastic experience in being able to have the energy to just show up.
    On Mother's Day my daughter and her Love had a BBQ for his mother and family and for me and our family, and sadly I just did not feel up to joining in on the celebration at the time. Of course, I regret not being able to go but sometimes we have to listen to our bodies.
    Earlier in the day my son took me out for some delicious Mexican food and I didn't know about the BBQ until after we had gotten back home, but I received a gorgeous card and 2 potted flowers. One pink and one purple. Then I realized they were not actual potted plants but 2 chocolate cupcakes. My daughter has a hint of mischievousness about her lol.

    I love your new kitchen. Your so right, it will not stay empty or uncluttered as Life has a way of making its 'self known really fast! I love that about life. From the grab on the go sandwiches, to intimate dinners and midnight snacks to the full throtted Holiday meals, that beautiful kitchen will be a rewarding companion for years to come... Love and Hugs, xoxoxo