Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Three Loves

I took this picture of my husband and two children on March 31, 1994, the morning after our newborn daughter came home. My son was two-and-a-half years old and his protective nature was showing itself even then.


  1. God those boys are just gorgeous! that was the year my oldest and first son was born :)

  2. Angella-

    What a gift to have found you and your blog. I'm back from my trip and catching up here, and it feels so good to see so much love and happiness and pain and sadness, so much life here.

    You inspire me.

    You live life as it is meant to be lived and that is the whole enchilada right there.

    I'm glad to claim you as a friend, and I hope you'll count me as yours.



  3. Me too. Can I, along with Scott, be your friend, really and truly?
    Your three loves are beautiful and true.
    I'm glad to know you're there, that you all still love.

  4. What a beautiful family!! You included, my gorgeous friend!!

  5. Maggie May, we were both birthing babies in 94! Your oldest, my youngest. Seems like it just happened and yet it happened so long ago. How can it be both at once? Yet it is.

    Scott, we missed you while you were gone! I kept popping over to see if you were back yet. Glad you are home safe and sound, my friend.

    Ms. Moon, isn't it fascinating how deeply we bond in this virtual world? Perhaps it's because the sharing we do here often goes deeper than in our interactions in that outer world. We lay ourselves bare, and love is allowed. Thank you for being my friend, really and truly.

    Gabriele, my family's beauty often astounds me, but I confess I never count myself in that company. Bless you for the kindness. And the hugs.

  6. This is just everything. oh my.
    My fourth is a '94 baby.

    and Angella, I think you are beautiful.
    Inside and out.