Monday, November 29, 2010


Here are the cinnamon rolls my daughter made last night. She wasn't as happy with them this time because the dough didn't rise very well so they weren't as light and fluffy as before. She thought it might have been too cold in the kitchen or she got a bad packet of yeast. But I'm here to say that not only did she finish her homework while waiting (and waiting) for the dough to rise, the rolls were delicious! That glaze she made with a touch of cream cheese was yummy. And her dad even preferred the heavier dough of this batch. Still, I know she will be making these again, soon, trying to perfect the recipe. Life is just one big work in progress, isn't it?  


  1. Please. Stop with the cinnamon rolls.
    (No. Don't stop.)

  2. And this is the batch she wasn't happy with!

  3. OMG!! My mouth is watering! I went through a cinnamon roll phase about 15 years ago when I made them at least once a month for years. You've inspired me to make a big 'ol batch!

  4. angela, i came to visit--i've seen yo over at the dishwasher's place...but didnt expect to be greeted with such delicious cinnamon buns!
    thank you! (next time, i'll bring coffee...)

  5. Ya got me with "cream cheese"!!
    Can I be the taste-tester for her next batch? YUM!!

  6. Tess, I think my daughter would love to try your recipe!

  7. Susan, pull up a chair, we can share coffee and cinnamon buns and laugh a little. i am glad you came and hope to see you again.

    Gabriele, the cream cheese did add a little something different. it was her own idea, too.