Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poem by My Daughter (Veteran's Day)


One two one/ Left right left
The passing fires
Leave no room to consider

He doesn’t know it yet
There, behind him
He is leaving a hole
One that will be difficult to fill
With blood and beginnings

He pastes on a plaster mask
Stitched with frail scotch tape
And his confidence
Shatterable like the delicate glass
He destroyed

He stomps
To break up the grainy soil that reminds him
He drips with sorrow like their memories

K. Ang Arrin
Spring 2010


  1. Dark and beautiful, so fitting for Veterans Day. Your daughter is very talented.

  2. Great imagery. It's not something we can really fathom is it.

  3. My daughter wrote this last spring as part of a writers workshop that she and five other girls have belonged to since sixth grade. They are such talents, every one.