Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nights Like These

My daughter made Oreo cupcakes with cookies and cream frosting last night. I could smell the aroma of them as soon as I got off the elevator on our floor. When I opened the door, there she was, busy in the kitchen with her new stainless steel icing tool that her dad indulged her in getting last Sunday, after I put her cheap plastic one in the dishwasher and it melted.

"Mom, come help me choose which cupcakes to photograph," she said as I shrugged off my coat and snow boots. As I surveyed the candidates, I tried to pop one in my mouth but she tapped my hand. "Not yet," she scolded and hugged me. "First, pictures."

On the floor of the kitchen was the dismantled top half the standing lamp from her room, with electric cord attached. "Why is that here?" I asked. "It's my lighting system," my daughter explained, clearly pleased with her inventiveness. "I was waiting for you to come home so you could hold it for me."

We chose three cupcakes and she plated them and put them on a white cloth in need of ironing on a clear space on the floor. She handed me the light then lay on her stomach with her dad's Nikon digital SLR and started to take pictures. She directed me to hold the lamp this way and that, depending on the direction and length of the shadows she wanted. I was an obedient assistant. Every few frames she would show me the image and say, "What do you think?" and we would cheerfully discuss the merits of the picture.

But my favorite part was when she was done taking pictures, when she decided she was comfortable on the floor and just lay there, meditatively eating one of the cupcakes that had just posed for her. That's when I picked up the camera.


"Mom, are you really taking this picture?"

"Oh my God! You're really taking this picture!"


  1. I love this so much.
    It's really says much of what the food experience is , more than the cupcakes, the togetherness.

  2. Her photos of the cupcakes are lovely, and so are your photos of her. :)

  3. This is so cute. Sometimes young people remind me of kittens :)

  4. My favorite photos are the ones taken right after the posed ones.

  5. what a lovely moment to come home to. I miss those days with my mom. You've made me think of her and how great it will be to see her in California.

  6. This brought tears to my eyes and made me miss my daughter like hell. Cherish these moments. Cherish them.

  7. deb, you're so right. it really is all about the togetherness. my daughter really comes from that place, too. she particularly loves having others be nourished by this thing she has offered them. it is very spiritual in a way.

    ellen, thank you! she will be thrilled that you visited her site!

    Olga, or puppies! she and her friends do play like puppies.

    Ms. Moon, i agree! these were my favorite pics of the night, even though they are not quite sharp or well framed. i think that is part of their charm. that and the girl!

    Rachel, call your mom and tell her you miss her. you will absolutely make her day.

    Tess, i do cherish these moments. and i know i will miss them when my sweet girl goes off to college and then to her adult life, and that is why i record these moments. it is the whole reason why. thanks for knowing that, my friend. I can tell you do.

  8. Have I mentioned how much I love your family? :-)
    Such a lovely moment of togetherness.

  9. This is all so nice. the cupcakes on her page. the ones of her and cupcakes on your page. really nice.

  10. 1) i love your relationship with your daughter. 2) i LOVE oreo cookies! they're the bestest!

  11. Adorable. It was so nice to read this post, scroll down and find these photos!

  12. Koshercritter, thank you! our family loves your family too!

    Kristin, my mother's heart thanks you for visiting both pages! bless you.

    Candice, they are the bestest indeed! Second only to daughters!

    Elizabeth, it was a sweet evening. We live for such moments. Love.

  13. My dear Angella,

    This post left me smiling. Thank you for that. The very last photo of your girl is absolutely illuminated by her wonderful spirit. Joy personified.

    Much love and big hugs,

  14. Hi Angella,
    I have to say that the expressions on your beautiful daughter's face are priceless! I'm so glad that you captured the moment!!
    And I love the story behind them. Wonderful post, my friend!!
    Sending you love ~

  15. Any moment your share with us of your beautiful family adds to the light. The love among you shines through every word, every photo. There is a reminder here of ways in which we can greet each other with the sweetness of surprise.

  16. Debra W, the way you describe her is exactly the way she is. She brings a lot of joy to our lives. She sure does.

    Gabriele, I was caught by her expressions, too. they are so very her.

    Marylinn, the sweetness of surprise, love that.

  17. So beautiful. The pictures do you both justice.