Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

My husband was in the living room jumping up and down and waving his arms and yelling at the Arsenal soccer game while the girls were in the kitchen cooking and after a while I went out there and told him not unkindly that he had an obligation not to embarrass his children and he looked up from the game and said not unkindly go away. So then I went into the kitchen where the party preparations were in full swing and I hovered over a plate of breaded mozzarella sticks that the girls had been struggling to get to work earlier and then I saw those chocolate salted caramel cupcakes my girl makes and I reached for one and she said not unkindly mom please no, there are only twenty of them and none to spare. And I saw myself for a moment and I was definitely embarrassing and so I took my own advice and my husband's too and I went away. Now the girls are in the kitchen singing along to some song I don't know but which sounds as if you need to strut one hip and wave your arms in the air and I am off to my regular Saturday meeting which I definitely need today.


  1. My children have all moved out so I can only embarrass them online, which I try to do as frequently as possible. Not really. But still, I manage, I am sure.

  2. I think my kid might have turned into a drug addict because I so relentlessly embarrassed her, especially when I would sing and dance whenever she was with me in the grocery store.

    Probably not why she's a drug addict, but...

    could have pushed her over the edge, maybe.

    Of course, I won't stop doing it.



  3. I can't believe how embarrassing you are. I mean, really.

  4. Ms. Moon, it's our job to embarrass them, right? I was actually joking with my husband but really the noise level was pretty high, which is why i tried to use his children to get him to pipe down. didn't work!

    Tearful, i don't think your embarrassing her had anything to do with it. Teenagers are hardwired to be embarrassed by their parents. More likely she's a very sensitive soul with too much input from the world. I bet we have a clue what that's like. And I bet she loved your singing and dancing, and if she didn't back then, I guarantee she will in the future. All that to say don't stop singing and dancing. The image I have of that in my head is making me smile.

    Elizabeth, LOL, now you're just mocking me. It doesn't take much to embarrass them on certain days while on other days they're impervious!

  5. Oh how I love this! HA!
    I have certainly been there - but have not left as graciously as you.:)
    As always, sending love ~ <3