Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Material


  1. Should I hope it stays cold, allowing you to get through all of your reading?

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Yes, the 14 year old wrote that bio for me. He scares me sometimes.

  2. Oh, how lovely and familiar that looks. Can I come over and play? xo

  3. Book waterfalls - glorious and yes, very familiar. . . (can I come and play, too?) L, C x

  4. Looks just like my house...! We are sisters of different mothers!

  5. And now beside my bed I have children's books too. So there are piles of my books and piles of the grandson's. "Book," he says and wants to crawl on the bed and we sit and read about trucks and baby animals and thus it all begins again.

  6. That's a gorgeous photo -- it could be a room in my house, a corner, a stack, there's just so much to read and so little time!

  7. i'm midway through The Warmth of Other Suns, huge thanx to you. her writing knocks me out--i hadnt expected that. i thought it would be about the story, not so much the way she tells it. but she's an elegant writer; the words dance across the page.

    (i love the piles of books!
    [no Kindles, please.])

  8. Oooh, I know those piles! I bet there is a logic to them, maybe an order you wish to read them in, or ones you've read and wish to look at a bit longer. My book piles are my decor, it seems. Thanks for such a warm lovely photo.

  9. love it!! we have some similar stacks surrounding our nesting spots!

  10. My father got me a set of shelves for Christmas-- the perfect size for the wall next to my bed. It was the best gift ever! Looks like you need some too :)

  11. I have Leaning Tower of Pisa stacks, too!

  12. Rotton Mom, I think you need to change your blog title or something. That 14 year old of yours reveals it to be deeply inaccurate! How clearly and lovingly he sees you.

    Melissa, dear one, let's play!

    Claire, book waterfalls, I love that! It makes those unsteady towers seem less accusatory. Please do come and play with Melissa and me!

    deb, i know what you mean, sweet friend.

    Kim, and born days apart, too! May 3 in the house.

    Ms. Moon, you are inspiring your little one's love of books and what could be more beautiful.

  13. I wish I could see the titles. I found myself trying to peek at the photo from another angle just to see it I could view them:) Too bad we live thousands of miles away or we could trade! I have far too many books, but there are so many more that I need!


  14. Elizabeth, why am I not surprised that there is a place in your house that is cousin to this? lovely.

    Susan t, I am so glad you are enjoying The Warmth of Other Suns. Isabel Wilkerson is pretty astonishing as a writer. Her book is in the pile of books in this picture, already read, but not yet to be parted from. I open it and reread passages sometimes, almost as an instructional.

    Mel, you're so right. There are many read books in these piles that I go back to. And books as decor, well, what better? It is so great to see you here! I hope you come again soon.

    mouse, books make the best nesting material!

    Scarlethue, i would line all the walls of my house with bookshelves if I could. You can never have enough. What a smart gift from your dad! Nice to see you.

    Tess, ha! I call them the leaning towers of Pisa too!

    Debra W, Once, when money was particularly tight for my husband and me (this was before kids) we cut back on all sorts of things, but we both agreed that books were not a luxury, but a necessity, and even hard cover books were permissible to purchase if waiting for the soft cover version would send us slowly mad. it worked out nicely. we stayed sane and when we couldn't afford outside entertainments we simply curled up next to one another and read happily. So I know just what you mean!


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