Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subway Shakespeare

"The friends thou hast, 
and their adoption tried, 
grapple them to thy soul 
with hoops of steel."

—William Shakespeare's Hamlet


  1. That Shakespeare- He had it going on, didn't he?
    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful words.

  2. Oh, good Lord. That's an awesome photo and the quote makes me swoon.

  3. Beautiful young women, beautiful moment. Loving Mum to take a pic that reflects their loveliness image back to them.

  4. Fabulous photo. They look so close - I hope they remain forever friends.

  5. Beautiful. Hoops of steel, indeed. (I think Hamlet is probably my favorite Shakespearian play.)

  6. lovely photo!

    how i love the visual treats the subways us! in fact off catch the A train!!

    hope to see you about.

  7. Ohhh, what a wonderful shot!! Look at those young, radiant faces.
    Great boots, too. :)
    Sending love, my friend ~ <3

  8. I think that this is exactly who Shakespeare was writing for :)

  9. Ms. Moon, he did indeed. That quote is a stunner, one I failed to fully appreciate when I was studying Hamlet in school.

    Elizabeth, I'm swooning with you.

    Claire, I actually didn't take this. One of their other friends did. I just got permission to post it.

    Deborah, your mouth to God's ear.

    Tess, Hamlet is my favorite too. The language.

    mouse, i thought you were coming next weekend? and yes the subways are full of visual treats and entertainments. enjoy.

    Gabriele, i noticed the boots, too, haha.

    Olga, I like to think he was writing for us, too. Nice to see you, friend.