Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back to School

She's headed back to school. I miss her already. 

They'll be well hydrated with cranberry juice. 

He introduced us to his pet hedgehog.

One photo of the crew for the road.

And now she's gone again, my sweet girl, driving back to school with her friends. She has several friend groups, this child. They are of all descriptions and she mixes them happily together. She's having a very good year so far, socially and academically, and may it continue thus. Here in the city, my husband and son are quietly reading and watching football, the house serene after the hubbub of the weekend. My husband's cousin from Barbados and his wife and in laws visited with us last night, and it was wonderful to reconnect and for our kids to get to know another branch of the family.

Meanwhile, a few states away, my niece has been moved from the community hospital to a larger research hospital where they are better equipped to perform certain tests she needs. The ordeal continues. But at least the doctors seem to be on the case at last. My cousin feels much better about the new medical center, where the doctor greeted them on arrival and sat with them explaining what was to come. We live in parallel universes, so many life stories playing out at once, and sometimes the parallel lines grow so close together they seem to run as one. That is where I exist right now.

A new week starts tomorrow. My work life feels completely unresolved. I am starting to feel the seductive call of predictability, a hankering for something certain. I am not really in financial straits yet so why do I feel so insecure? My wonderful accountant has arranged for me to meet with his financial planner, so I can properly assess my circumstances. I am not very good with that which is unresolved. Perhaps that is the lesson of this passage I'm in. Is it foolhardy to simply trust that everything will turn out okay?


  1. First of all, I do not think that in your very well counseled circumstances, it is foolhardy at all.
    Secondly- it's so hard when the children come and go as they do. Isn't it? For me it is, at least and of course I could never wish that they didn't come back but it's never easier when they leave again.
    I don't know the answer to that one.

  2. That second paragraph is a thing of beauty, Angella. As for uncertainty, lord, I don't know. I feel like everything --just everything -- is always uncertain, and perhaps the wisdom comes when we hold the uncertainty and just observe it. I do agree with Ms. Moon, though, that a meeting with a financial planner is just the thing to do. Feeling organized and ACTIVE is always good.

  3. This was a very weird Thanksgiving wasn't it? Mine will be home again in two weeks and then gone to Europe till June. Argh. I suppose this is the next phase.

  4. A pet hedgehog?! I have never heard of such a thing. Didn't even know it was possible.

    I think learning to better live with uncertainty will be a valuable lesson from this whole experience. It certainly was for me!

  5. Anything but foolhardy! The only obstacle sometimes is that our definition of ok can be a bit restrictive. But that is what learning is all about or not? Changes and uncertainty will become open doors for you in time. Thank you a lovely post.

  6. I think learning to live with uncertainty is nothing new for you. When you had the full time job, I had the feeling uncertainty was rampant. I also think it's ok to think it'll turn out alright. Parallel universe is a good way to describe it.

  7. Being able to assess properly is very smart. I say you should do all the research and be aware of every aspect, and then throw yourself into foolhardy trusting :)