Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dear You

In the past year and a half I have binge-watched the following series, most of them on Netflix or Amazon video:

Breaking Bad
Friday Night Lights
Downton Abbey
Brothers and Sisters
Prison Break
West Wing
House of Cards

A few of these (Prison Break, West Wing) I abandoned halfway through while some (Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Downton Abbey) absorbed me completely, with no attention left over to obsess about life's little tragedies. Now I need suggestions for other series that will hijack my attention and make the noise in my brain simmer down. What has caught your attention lately? What characters or story lines have you felt passionate about? I appreciate any and all recommendations—I'm a total binge-watching floozy when it comes to genres and it doesn't have to be high art for me to enjoy it (hello Brothers and Sisters). Movie recommendations are welcome too, so long as they can be streamed on Netflix or Amazon video! My noisy restless brain thanks you!


  1. You are right in with what I love -- although abandoning West Wing isn't part of my DNA; I watch and re-watch and re-watched for years. But Breaking Bad...couldn't grip me. Everything else you've listed is something I've either watched or started. Try Newsroom (I don't know if that's on Netflix yet, but it's on my bucket list).

    Modern Family? Not a drama but it's light and sometimes I need light.

    Parenthood is probably my favorite show. Also, I LOOOOVE Lost.

  2. I interestedly wait for replies as I have watched most of the ones you've listed and have nothing left. I understand Scandal is binge-worthy, although a bit lowbrow. I also loved the PBS series Call the Midwife.

  3. Watching Top of the Lake has helped me through a nasty patch last summer.

  4. I agree with Elizabeth, Call the Midwife! You have probably already seen all of Six Feet Under, I am watching them all again. sooo good!

  5. i agree about Parenthood.

    also, I recently binged on Parks and Rec and really enjoyed it.

  6. Treme! Treme is filmed on location in New Orleans, you will no doubt recognize places you've been while you watch it. It has a lot of music in it, and the characters are so utterly real. It's an HBO show, there are three completed seasons and the fourth and final season is being shown now.

    I second Newsroom, there are two completed seasons and it's wonderful.

    Also Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Only one season, but it's completely addicting. Try watching the first episode and I predict you'll be quickly immersed.

  7. Prime Suspect
    Intelligence (Canadian series...not the American) actually has a smart black woman as head of an intelligence organization.
    Hell on Wheels (about laying the transcontinental railroad; great series--somewhat like Deadwood)
    swedish version of the Wallander series with krister henricksson. (not the Brit version)
    Foyle's War
    The Killing (annoyingly manipulative but meets the addictive desire)
    Pushing Daisies silly but fun, with great NY theater people cameos
    we are in the midst of The Sopranos--i'd seen it, back in the day, but james hadn't -- it holds up well.
    our very favorite of late is Borgen--danish...i dont know if it's available on netflix. it's great--a fascinating political drama, akin to West Wing, but much, much better. (we bagged on West Wing)

  8. If you liked Northern Exposure, you might want to try Picket Fences. It was short lived (1-2 seasons), but I found it great viewing if you like quirky tv (and I do).

  9. This is going to sound completely nuts. But the series I have most enjoyed binge watching have been Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For Buffy you have to get through a hit and miss season one and then it takes off beautifully. These shows all do a wonderful job with women's roles, and the first two are decent with roles for people of color. Oh and of course, Mad Men and Game of Thrones. I never knew what a nerd I was 'til I wrote this list.

  10. ahah i'm a binge wathing floozy too! west wing is on my list to watch. right now i am going through ally mcbeal and nip/tuck.

  11. 1. Supernatural
    2. The 4400
    3. Once Upon a Time

    What can I say? I'm a sucker for alternate realities.

  12. I am obsessed with Fringe. I'm on my second go around. Bad ass female lead. She's an FBI agent, mixed with a little X-Files and great writing and characters. I wish it could go on and on forever. There are 5 or 6 seasons. LOVE IT!