Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rainy Sunday

We got dressed up and went to church
as a family. It was a Kwanzaa service.

Then we went to brunch at our favorite
restaurant. The food is Italian sumptuous. 

We love Bettolona. They act like they missed
you and are happy to see you every time.

My daughter tried to take a selfie with her
brother. He was typically uncooperative.

My heart son came over to watch football
with the men. And to just hang out. 

My daughter read while outside the sky
rained and poured. Inside felt cozy.

My son decided to make garlic knots.
Best I ever tasted. 

She has sunlight in her face.
Her smile never fails to make me happy. 

The house was a mess and we didn't care.
We did nothing except what we felt like doing.
Everything on a whim. A perfect Sunday. 


  1. All of this and you still had time to do what you did for me?
    Your family is so incredibly gorgeous. So are you.

  2. Love it. Thanks so much for so generously sharing your love and perfect days.

  3. This does sound perfect! And everyone in your family is so darn gorgeous the page practically sparkles!

  4. That DOES look like the perfect Sunday. Good food and good company!

  5. Yay, perfect Sunday!

    Angella, your son reminds me of the older son Axl on The Middle - have you ever seen it? Axl is always hanging around the house wearing only his boxer shorts, it's a running joke on the show that he's shirtless seconds after coming in the front door.

  6. This post oozes comfort and loving family and relaxed rainy Sundays...not to mention beautiful faces and spaces.
    much love to you Angella and many blessings for the New Year.