Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mirror mirror

Why are we so drawn to the ones who are sad, who struggle so mightily for security, for equality, for healing, for peace? We want to wrap our arms around them, and whisper our love, and we mean it from the deepest part of ourselves, because we know, we know, in some parallel universe, close enough to touch, their struggle is our own, and maybe we hope that there are people in that other reality who will wrap us in their love and whisper about hope and take action on our behalf. The Bodhisattvas know we are bound by a gleaming silver thread, all of us one, wandering in the illusion of separateness. Our paths may differ and yet we're all just doing the best we can, lying awake at night in the naked humanness of it all, listening for the whispers. 


  1. Exquisitely true and beautifully said.

  2. This sentiment really touches me today. Thanks, Angella

  3. So beautiful -- and a perfect accompaniment to that poem I posted of Billy Collin's -- don't you think? I believe you have an exquisite sense of others' suffering -- an invisible antennae, perhaps, tuned into others' suffering and innermost feelings. I'm grateful for you.

    1. Elizabeth, I was entirely inspired by the Billy Collins poem you posted yesterday, especially the last two lines! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Breathtaking and true, Angella. My goodness. You and your blog often do this for me--whisper about hope and love. Your words are so beautiful, I almost forgot to comment on the picture of the room. I was quite taken by it.

  5. Every time I start wondering why I keep diving deeper into church (when I'm uncertain of my own beliefs) it comes down to this very thing: comforting the hurting. I know, left on my own, that I would selfishly guard my time & not do anything meaningful. Church gives me structure & a kick in the pants.

    And regarding uncertainty, my boss is leaving the company (last day on Friday) & my job is getting ready to change in some huge, as yet unknown, way. I'm nervous & excited, and filled with just a bit of low-level freak out. You know, low-level freak out is kind of exhausting! So I imagine you learning to calmly harness that beast & use it to your advantage. (Sorry for mangling metaphors!)