Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bethesda Fountain

The snow in the city is melting away, the ground wet and shiny, the mounds of ice that line the walkways weeping underneath. I don't have much space in my head right now. My brain is trying to work it's way through a tangle, to find the perfect path through the labyrinth. That spot, the underpass by Bethesda Fountain with its storied winged angel in Central Park, has so many moods. This one struck me as a good metaphor for where I find myself at this moment. The climb may be slippery, the footfalls unsure, but here I go, an angel at my back.


  1. Oh. I know you can make that climb. I have no doubt whatsoever. You are a writer. You know how to take a story and make it sing and dance and turn into Kodachrome.
    Isn't it funny though, how every time it seems like it might not be possible?
    Tell the devil to take a hike and write that piece. Your brain already has it figured out.

  2. Keep climbing, sister!

    That underpass near the Bethesda Fountain used to be very seedy, years ago -- but with New York's resurgence since the '90s it's cleaned up a lot. I love that area and used to always take my visitors there. The figure at the top of the fountain inspired the angel in Tony Kushner's "Angels in America."

  3. ...the perfect path through the maze... I wonder if there actually is one. But climbing, we can do that. You can do it.

  4. I hope you untangle what needs to be untangled. Try to enjoy sorting it out as you go.

  5. I was right there with my dad, in 2008, right before Obama was elected. The writing brain can be demanding, taking us out of reality, can't it? This is beautiful writing, and I love the angel at your back. That's exactly right. You will find your way through.