Tuesday, March 17, 2015


My mother's remembrance said in part:

Mommy’s greatest and most enduring love has always been her family. She and her siblings maintained an especially close relationship throughout their lives, and they passed that closeness on to their children, making us promise that we would carry it through to the generation after us, and the one after that. Mommy was especially gratified by the love she witnessed among her grandchildren, because she knew their sense of belonging and joy in family would sustain them their entire lives. As it had sustained her. 

Here are some random family photos from the week that was:

The cousins at Hellshire Beach

Nicky, my cousin, was my rock

More cousin moments

My cousin came from Canada

Lunch was fry fish, lobster and festival

My kids love to curl up against their dad

My son completely shaved his head

My brother and me at Hellshire 

The girl made of light

Some of the Stiebel cousins at the repast

The trip to the airport felt different this time


  1. You've got me all teared up. I am so glad there were so many to spread love, to shoulder grief.

  2. And every one of those beautiful people carry a bit of that beautiful lady in them

  3. These last posts have been gorgeous...My best to you.

  4. You've said it all here in these photos, but I'm certain you will have much to share over the coming weeks and months, and we'll be here to listen and marvel at all the love and beauty in your family.