Friday, March 20, 2015

Inclement weather

I found that anti-bad vibes shield somewhere online, I don't recall where, but I kind of like the sentiment.

Everyone thought the winter was over, but the snow is coming down out there today with surprising intention. I don't really know what to do with myself. I don't feel like working; I don't feel like reading; and I've already watched all of the most recent seasons of Girls and Nurse Jackie this week.

I wander from window to window in my house, looking out at the snow, remembering how it came down like this for an entire day and a half after my mother died.

I'm trying not to talk about it too much. It gets old, I'm sure.

I know. I'll go take a shower, get dressed and take a walk in the snow.


  1. Talk about it all you want. Remember and talk about your mother all you want.

  2. Keep talking about your mother. It won't get old. Not ever.

  3. I read the eulogies to your mom and came back to say I was glad you had them here for posterity and I found them just stunning and they are gone. I hope you are okay. I am honored to have had a chance to read them in full. Your mother was amazing, stunning, a lady. Just like you.

  4. I, too, read the eulogies and was stunned and amazed and yet, at the same time, not at all. From what you've written about her over the years, from your photos of her, it has always been apparent that she has always been royalty.
    Honey, you're just going to have to do what you have to do. There is no way around it. And please know that anything you write here is going to be of value. Not necessarily to you (although I hope it is) but to all of us who are going to have to grieve deeply at some points in our lives.
    You, too, are royalty, if royalty means a certain grace, beauty, wisdom and light. You got that from her, you have passed it on to your children. In loving you, we love your mother.
    Don't stop writing.

  5. Talk when you want to, cry when you need to, write as you can and give yourself time...We will be here...

  6. There is a healing balm in your writing, I am here by choice.

  7. I love the anti-bad vibe shield!

    As for topics "getting old," don't worry about that. Write it out! Especially when the topic is something this momentous. That's what your blog is for, and all of us want to know how you're doing and what you're thinking about!