Saturday, March 21, 2015


I need some recommendations for series to binge-watch, as that seems to be the only thing right now that can keep my attention. I have already binge-watched all of: Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Homeland, Transparent, House of Cards, Brothers and Sisters, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black, Dexter, Girls, Nurse Jackie, and most of West Wing. I loved all of them except Dexter; I only watched it because my daughter was hooked and I wanted to see what she was letting into her brain. In retrospect, it creeped me out a lot and I hated the finale. But my girl seemed okay!

Speaking of my daughter, she's helping to run some huge conference on her campus today, put on by an organization called the Women of Color Coalition. I'm so proud of her and so awed by how capable and imaginative and organized and action-oriented she is. Who knew my dreamy little girl would grow into this passionate, powerhouse of a young woman? Who is still quick to laugh, who still brings light wherever she goes, and who, along with her brother and her dad, is no less than my salvation.

Here she in with her friend Henri in a photo I love. Henri is another one who gives off light. She wrote me the most beautiful letter after my mom died. It said in part:

"There's a poem in Portuguese that deeply resonates with me. It's about loss and what it feels like to lose a loved one. Translated, it says: Saudade (the noun for that feeling when you miss someone) is accompanied by loneliness. It's when the love has not gone away, but the loved one has."

My mom must be pulling strings wherever she is, though, because as much as I miss her, I am very aware of my blessings. This place, you all, that is a blessing, too.


  1. I could have imagined all of that about your daughter. She is, after all, your daughter.
    Have you ever watched Dead Wood? Best thing I ever watched on TV.

  2. And it's always a treat to go back and watch Northern Exposure.

  3. Saudade, an excellent word, and your daughter and her friends --- what excellent young women.

  4. well, if you watched breaking bad you might like Sons of Anarchy.....My nephew recommended it to me and I thought why in the world would he think I would like it...but I really did. Then I recommended it to my niece thinking probably not and she binged watched 4 seasons in one weekend....I think you saw Luther already but if not that is excellent...

  5. Do we even have a word in English that compares to Saudade? I am glad there is such a word--it captures perfectly what I have been feeling...As for your beautiful girl, she comes from an amazing line of women so I am not surprised...I do not have TV but have binge read books, especially when unable to sleep...Regarding the contractor, he didn't get it because he did not want to get it...But my neighbor did and for this I am grateful.

  6. Thanks for stopping by today.

  7. yes i would recommend sons of anarchy and luther too. also sherlock, the killing, weeds...
    these days when my brain is over full it's sons of anarchy and walking dead and knitting...


  8. Such a stunning post. And the photos -- and your girl and her friend. All stunning.

    I'm thinking you should do some long PBS mini-series next. There's a shorter one called "Last Tango in Halifax" about an older couple that's wonderful. There's also that old series by Armistead Maupin whose name has slipped my mind -- worth a revisit, maybe?

  9. Oh my, what a great post and wonderful photo and a great new word. I hope you feel a little less sad every day. I know how this hurts, at least a little. Thank you for reposting your tribute, I know also how raw and exposed you feel at times, but a loving tribute is nothing to hide, especially one as elegant as yours, about someone as lovely as your mother.

    Binge watching is a good idea for now. Do what makes sense. If you can watch Rectify, you might enjoy it. It is the most quiet, riveting and engaging thing I have ever watched. For some lighter science fare, try Orphan Black, the acting alone is fantastic. I am finding a great deal of enjoyment in post-apocalyptic genres, and I realize they are not for everyone, but they make so much sense to me on a warped level I can't even describe- I won't recommend the zombie stuff, but 12 Monkeys is wonderful, with minimal gore. Sherlock is wonderful too. I watched the end of Sons of Anarchy with my husband and it was riveting, but seriously shocking and violent.

    TV and movies are a great distraction. I find myself still drawn to the things my dad loved best for entertainment - nature shows, movies, especially war movies and books, books, books, and most of all, a stroll outdoors. Feeding the birds can feel like a sacrament somedays, and I'm sure there are a hundred ways for you to remember and honor your mother that will make you feel less alone and more loving and loved, and they will comfort you too. xo

  10. Thank you for sharing your mom's tribute. It is lovely!

    As for recommendations: American Horror Story: Coven


  11. I second everything that Mel said so well, although if you like quirky humor and need something light, I highly recommend going back to the beginning of The Office, Parks and Rec and Arrested Development. I watch those while I'm cleaning the house on Saturdays and it lightens my whole day and makes me laugh.

    Thanks for checking in w/ us.

  12. I'm with you on Dexter. We've talked about that.

    I love that word -- Saudade. Portuguese has to be one of the most beautiful languages. The concept is beautiful, too.