Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just Chaos

We had a flood last night, a plumbing disaster in the back bathroom, and now the wall to wall carpeting in my daughter's bedroom and the hallway outside it are soaked through. The water squishes underfoot, and my head hurts something awful this morning and I just can't deal.

Except of course, I have to. I can see what has to happen. We'll need to pull out the carpeting and padding and install completely new floor coverings, otherwise we risk mold and such. My son, always a good man in a pinch, already picked up everything he could off the floor and opened the windows and turned on the fan in there.

It doesn't help that all three of us are sick. My son had just taken NyQuil and curled up to go to sleep when the flood was discovered. His dad and I were pretty impressed with how he sprang into action.

My daughter's 21st birthday is this weekend and she is coming home for spring break tomorrow and she will not have the use of her room. She shrugged when I told her this. Said she'd set up shop in the living room. Her brother also offered her his room.

I feel overmatched by this. Just the thought of moving all the furniture out of the room to pull up the old carpet and padding, clean and disinfect, and then lay down new carpet, is making my headache this morning more like a migraine. Even though my husband and son will likely do most if not all of the moving, I will still need to call and make the arrangements with the contractors and see it through. I guess we'll be edging around furniture stacked up wherever until all this is done.

On top of this I have a book party to attend tonight at which I need to show up. I'm so tempted to cancel but I'd be letting down a friend. Or maybe just myself, because I do think my friend would understand. I'm letting myself be carried on the tide.

Oh God, I can't deal.

Except of course, I will.


  1. Don't you wish you could just tell the universe to please, please give you a break for five minutes?
    Lord, honey. I don't think I could deal either. But of course, like you, I would.
    I'm so sorry. What a mess.

  2. Oh, what rotten timing for you all...and I'm sorry for the damage to your home...I hope you get some time to rest. Water damage is not an easy situation to deal with. Hugs...

  3. Seriously? Of all the times for shit like this to happen. Whoever came up with the idea that god won't give you anymore than you can handle obviously lived a charmed life.

    Don't go out tonight. Stay home in your pyjamas. Unless going out makes you feel better.

    Here are some virtual flowers to brighten your day a smidgen.


  4. Oh god. I wouldn't want to deal either. I hope your evening was ok. I hope your ship comes in tomorrow. Honestly, give the woman a break.

  5. Oh, ugh. What a nightmare. I hope it gets sorted much more easily than you might expect!

  6. Oh dear, what a horrid thing to happen! Hope you will feel better when you have your daughter there to help out. Relax and let it all happen around you.