Monday, June 29, 2015

Gone into her life again

They come and they go, and the air shifts and shifts again, and we adjust endlessly.


  1. There is a young woman who knows what she's about, thanks to you and her dad. Did you see an e-mail from me? I sent it and it ended up in my not sure it reached you.

  2. It is so huge in my heart when your children come and go and yet I can't wait for mine to leave this week and as soon as he goes I'll miss him and want to talk to him on the phone every ten minutes (so he says.) You are absolutely spot on we adjust endlessly. xo

  3. All of life is adjusting endlessly, isn't it?

  4. I am learning. Please tell me it gets easier, all of it :)

  5. As Steve Reed said, all of life IS adjusting endlessly. It's just that our children- well- when they go we have to truly LET go and no matter how often we do it, it's always a jolt to the soul. And when they come back, it is much the same. Our welcoming them is entirely full and entirely open. There is not much which is casual about it. Over the years it does become easier but...
    Never truly easy.
    By the way, your daughter is beautiful.


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