Thursday, June 4, 2015

There and Here

Let's not pretend that I'm not living vicariously through my daughter as she gallivants around Rome. She looks like a confident woman of the world.

Here she is with some of her group after visiting Villa d'Este, an Italian renaissance garden and villa that served as inspiration for one of their writing assignments. 

Meanwhile back home, I ran into my heart son E while running errands yesterday. He's a wonderful artist with a very sweet and gentle nature. He wants with everything he is to be a good person. And he is. You might remember this more solemn face of the young artist from many moons ago.

I snapped this photo last night as my husband and son were wrestling in the laughing way they used to when our boy was 8 years old. He's bigger now, but the energy is the same.


  1. I just realized, after looking at all of these pictures, that I am truly smiling for the very first time today. Also, my eyes are a little teary.
    This is the truth. Smiling with teary eyes.
    You know why? Because your young'uns are beautiful. And filled with love and light. Those you birthed, those you didn't.
    Because YOU are filled with love and light. Thank you, Angella.

    1. Darling Mary, I often feel this exact way when I come to your page. I hope there are many more smiles in your evening. xo

  2. Beautiful! I love those photos of your daughter in the Roman sunshine.

    1. Steve, I wish I were in the Roman sunshine. I should have planned a trip!