Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rocks and Crowns

My niece was in town this weekend, as was her dad, my brother visiting from Jamaica. We had a rousing fine time Friday night sampling various wines from my husband's collection, and yesterday, watching on TV the Belmont Stakes (American Pharaoh!) and the UEFA finals played between Juventus (Italy) and Barcelona (for the uninitiated that's a high-stakes European football league that my brother, husband and son follow quite passionately).  My husband made delicious jambalaya, a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers and pomegranate seeds making a beautiful mix of colors, and a home made vinaigrette dressing. There were seconds served, and then thirds.

As the handsomely groomed horses stood at the starting gate, I innocently asked why this race was such a big deal. My husband and my brother gasped in unison, stunned that I had managed to camp so resolutely under my rock. My niece confessed that she had been keeping me company under the same rock, so the men explained that if American Pharaoh won, it would be the first time in 37 years that a horse had won the Triple Crown, sweeping the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. The last horse to win was Affirm in 1978. Another winner, Secretariat, had a movie made about him; his 93-year-old owner was in the Belmont Park stands yesterday. So yeah, I was up to speed by the time the race was run, and able to appreciate history being made as American Pharaoh led start to finish, or wire to wire as they say.

My niece, that morning, had gone to the hair salon to see the ever amazing Jocelyn, who recently broke the wrenching news that she is closing her shop. My niece, my daughter and I are in a state of shock, not sure what we will do now. As soon as my niece heard the news, she got on a bus from Washington D.C., where she is in school, to New York so that Jocelyn could cut her hair one last time before she closed the shop. She also wanted to ombre color it, which she trusted no one but Jocelyn to do. The results were quite lovely.

My son was on the other end of the hair spectrum. Having inherited his father's hairline, he shaved his entire head yesterday. He wouldn't stand still for a picture, so I had to catch what I could as he came in to torment/ bid his cousin goodbye before leaving for work. I think he looks kind of cool with that bald head. Like his father, my son is pretty unfazed about his hairline, which is the only way to be I think. It doesn't seem to get in his way, um, socially.


  1. Mr. Moon asked me if I wanted him to tell me when the race started. I was like, "Uh. No. That's okay."
    But now I sort of wish I had. I am very glad for the jockey, Victor Espinoza. I mean, it's cool for the owner but the jockey is part of the whole package of the actual race. What an incredible thrill it must be for him!
    On a completely different note- yeah. I seriously doubt that your son's hairline gets in the way of his social life at all. He's so damn handsome that it's crazy. Your family is all incredibly good-looking.

  2. My hairdresser decided to close up shop and I needed to find someone new. I felt somewhat betrayed because she didn't let anyone know, she just stopped returning phone calls. I did find someone new so I won't go on but I understand your shock! A first world problem but my hair needs to be managed!

  3. Your niece's hair turned out lovely! That's too bad about the shop closing. It's hard to find someone you can put your faith in regards to hair. I gave up years ago and just do my own.

  4. Thanks for explaining what that race was all about. I kept hearing it mentioned and sort of wondering but not enough to find out. I just noticed your niece has a Howard Dental School sweat shirt on. My cousin teaches there! Well, my cousins cousin, but we spent many happy long distance miles researching her family and were our two families connect so I feel like we're related. Her name is Janis Mercer.