Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Six

"A true friend is someone who thinks 
that you are a good egg even though 
she knows you are slightly cracked"

—B. Meltzer

They have been friends since they were four and five and six and seven, they have romped through the rooms of each other's homes, arms open wide, they have weathered the growing pains, held on fiercely during the fifth-grade girl wars, questioned each other urgently about feelings and motivations, went out onto the fire escape en masse to discuss their hurts, and then stayed out there until they could hold one another close again. The teachers understood and let them. We all watched as they arranged and rearranged themselves in every variation and grouping until at last they surrendered and called themselves simply, "the six."

Who will be at the sleepover? "Just the six."

I stand in awe of these girls, of their capacity to give and forgive and to accept and to know one another for exactly who they are, who they are becoming, who they will be. They have no idea how breathtaking they are, how beautiful, how generous, how relentless, how wise. It is something to witness their friendship unfolding over the span of years, through superhero laughter and budding bodies and wretched high school complications. Through it all, they have been there for each other, whispering their secrets into trusted hearts, knowing they are fully encircled by love. 


  1. And in thirty years or so they will know just how precious what they have truly is.

  2. Ahhh...this is precious and oh so true. They are so very fortunate to continue to have each other since their early years. I've loved having their mothers in my world as well. For that I am grateful.

  3. Wonderful to see the six, and as always a deeply meaning truth.

  4. Ms. Moon, they will indeed.

    Susan, i too am grateful for the mothers in my life! it is a gift our daughters have given us! love to you and your beautiful family.

    Isabella, we watched it happen, didn't we? they are like sibling soulmates. And I have also found some cherished friends. love and hugs.

  5. Wonderful. Also loved the shot of your daughter in the air! Priceless.

  6. That is truly awesome. What a gift.

  7. They really are very cute and they are definitely lucky!

  8. Ooh, that's so wonderful. Teenage girls are so much better than adults :)

  9. I can only hope and pray that my grandchildren will be that lucky and blessed -
    To find such kindred spirits!!
    Lovely post, my friend.
    Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family!!

  10. Tess, it has been an awesome thing to watch for sure.

    Maggie May, how are you and Ever doing? Thanks for the pictures!

    Olga, it really is a rare thing to experience this kind of friendship in a lifetime.

    ellen, maybe, but the teenage years can be pretty hairy! they are managing to negotiate that though. i think their history helps a lot.

    Gabriele, happy holidays to you and your lovely family too!

  11. So lovely...I know exactly what you mean. It is a gift to watch our daughters nurturing lifelong friendships with their soul-buddies.

  12. Thank you! It is very nice to be here:)

  13. It's a good group there, despite the changes that have come.