Saturday, December 18, 2010


The college kids are home, light of heart now that finals are done. My son and my niece tumbled through my front door at 7 a.m., suitcases, jackets, knapsacks in tow. Shoes kicked off, hoodies abandoned, they found their preferred covers, curled up on their preferred sofas and went right to sleep. You can see they feel free, that their sleep is untroubled by still have to, didn't get to, forgot to do. It makes me feel free and untroubled too.

And then I remember. Is this really the last Saturday before Christmas? My niece flies home to Jamaica tomorrow and I still have to get gifts to send with her. But for a few delicious moments this morning I'm gazing at the sleeping heads of my children, taking it slow.


  1. I love these photos. My son is grown but still my boy. A good man. I love the family photos--they put the warm back in me where it belongs. Also I've had my small house full of large children asleep like this usually when they come back from surfing their wetsuits hung on the trees in back like empty skins. They snore and eat a lot. They make me happy.

  2. There is something so damn soothing and comforting about having ALL the babies home in the nest.

  3. Oh, I love that feeling when all of my babies are snuggled up in my home. My Brooklyn boy comes home on Thursday. I can't stand the wait!

    Enjoy your time with them!

  4. Angella, I hope you and your family have a happy and stress-free Christmas.

  5. oh,
    one more sleep for me.

    so wonderful, Angella.

    this comfort means they know how safe and loved they are of course.

  6. thanks, friends. now i know that this feeling of peace the fills me when they are safe under my roof will be a lifelong thing. until they left home, I had no idea that that particular thread would never unravel.