Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dark Out

I need a darker palette for a while. The white background was too airy for what I'm feeling at the moment. No doubt the blacks and browns and reds of this new template will begin to feel claustrophobic after a while. But for now, they feel like swaddling. Safe. Close.

Heading home from work. It feels like a Friday, but sadly it is not.


  1. oh.... do know that I'm here.

    and that photo. love.
    I have an urban side. I do.

  2. Thank you, deb. Our worlds are so different, aren't they? But perhaps not our inner worlds.

  3. That picture is amazing. And winter calls for darker colors, closer walls. Coziness.
    I wonder what you would think of my little world with its trees and chickens and two-story houses. I wonder.

  4. I agree.
    And I was born in the city of Montreal, and while I was still young when we left, I think the more urban setting left an imprint on me, you know? When I went to NYC for the first time I felt strangely at home. More than visiting Toronto or Vancouver or other US cities. It must have something to do with the architecture.. the hodgepodge of cultures ... etc. I'm not sure.

    How is work?

  5. wonderful photograph, angella. in my last years in NYC, i lived in Astoria and i loved the moment when the train emerged from the tunnel, into Queens. i always, no matter how tired, got a thrill from the elevated track...

  6. Well, my friends, I'm back to the white background! Seeking air and simplicity once more!