Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Snow

By nightfall on Boxing Day the snow was really coming down. It swirled and blew all through the night, but the next morning dawned crisp and clear. The news reported 20 inches. On the narrow side streets, where bikes and parking meters stood neck-deep in white, it seemed like so much more. Some people brought out cross-country skies, many more their shovels. And the digging out began. Central Park was another country where little kids made snow angels and daredevil boys surfed down the park's snow-packed stairs. Meanwhile in midtown, hardy New Yorkers trudged to their workplaces as sidewalk vendors set up shop in the snow. While the blizzard was happening, I was mostly ensconced in my home, glad I didn't have to go anywhere but eventually feeling a little stir crazy. These were the scenes that greeted us when at last we ventured outside. That last image kind of reminds me of the Beatles' Abbey Road cover, but in the reverse.

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images
Mario Tama/ Getty Images
Andrew Burton/ Getty Images
C. Verwaal/ Flickr
A. Strakey/ Flickr
Stan Honda/ Getty Images


  1. These pictures are stunning! Please stay warm and safe.

  2. I lived in NYC for over eight years and moved out here to sunny Los Angeles about twelve years ago -- I can't say that I miss that scene at all and am grateful for my blogger friends beautiful pictures!

  3. Oh my god what snow! I grew up in a frozen clime. Now an inch of snow in Seattle and the city stops. Be warm and safe and make lots of marinara and soup.

  4. Stunning.
    Our snow is crumbling and garbage. Only piles left. But yesterday the sun was out and I got a glimmer, a hope of spring.

  5. Wow!! You captured some amazing images!! Brava!!

  6. Tess, I didn't take these. I pulled these images from all over. I'm in the process of adding credits, but just wanted to get up pictures of what it was like. Please do come back later for the names of all these amazing photographers!

  7. I am pretty glad we missed all this crazy.
    It does make for good photos, yours or keen eye noted,
    but still.
    Hope you are having a good day, Angella.

  8. Credits all added!

    Now my husband can stop joking that we need to create a new game called Grand Theft Photo.

  9. I have been thinking about you and the epic snowstorm:) Where will all of that water go?

    Stay warm and cozy!

  10. I haven't felt good enough to read my favorite blogs, so I'm a little behind - These pictures are fabulous!!!!
    Makes the poopy-little amount of snow we had in Georgia... well...

    I'm sorry to hear about your upcoming audit! :(
    I wish you much luck and success - and very little stress - if possible!!
    Happy New Year, my friend!!

  11. Debra, all that water appears to be evaporating into the atmosphere as the weather gets warmer, a positively balmy 38 degrees!

    Gabriele, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. I am glad to see you and hope you have a great new year. I am now plugging away at the compiling of receipts. denial has been banished!