Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cooks in Asti

This was my daughter's slow food group at the culinary school in Italy last summer. She is at this very minute avoiding homework by practicing some of what she learned there. Aren't we the lucky ones? My girl is the bright light in the middle, the one without her chef hat. I love all the gleaming spoons and sieves and spatulas hanging overhead like ornaments. Who knew I would have a child who loves cooking? Growing up, I was the one who hid behind the garage with a book while the cooking was happening. I never would have guessed.


  1. i love this photo! lucky you! and isnt it fascinating that, really, what your kids "become" was so obvious from the start...? certainly in the case of my son.

  2. Susan, what were the early signs for your son? And thanks for coming by!

  3. angella, so nice of you to follow up; we are proud of our children!
    he was able to spend hours, even as a very young boy, drawing, building with blocks, doing long involved projects (designing baseball cards, with portrait on one side, stats on the other of a whole imaginary team!). he's an architect now.
    (btw, love "the six"; i hope they remain like that for life, in any case, the experience thus far will always be part of them)