Thursday, December 9, 2010

Body Modification

That's my son. These photos were taken by one of his friends at school as part of a final project on body modification. I stole them from Facebook. Yes, I am a thief. But he's my boy. I love this singly pierced and tattooed body. So I give myself some right to post these images along with all the other pictures of people for whom I would give my life without a moment's hesitation. The photos were taken by Sowande Gray. And I did actually get permission from the subject.


  1. And they are beautiful pictures of a beautiful man. Although I know that to you, he is always a boy.

  2. Wonderful images. Two of my grown children have tattoos. My youngest son has the family crest on his upper arm (I was shocked when I first saw it, but have grown to love it) and my daughter designed her own, a beautifully symbolic little piece of art.

  3. oh... you are brave!!

    and they are gorgeous photos. My son has a tattoo on his hip.
    Love the shadows.

  4. On this freezing cold day, I appreciate the change in hues, more warmth. Your son's many transformations are captured with eloquence in these photos.

  5. Ms. Moon, yes he is my boy always. I see his child face in his man's face every time I gaze at him. That's just how it is. I am so glad you are here.

    Tess, the family crest sounds like a wonderful thing to tattoo! Have you ever shared the crest on your blog? If not it would make for an interesting post!

    deb, i am brave and even audacious, but i did, in fact, get permission to post these pictures (albeit after the fact, a small detail...) Facebook photos posted by other people come and go, and I wanted to hold on to these, so I grabbed them. My children just shake their heads. They indulge me and don't think too much about it. Their lives are much too full!

    Isabella! I love it when you stop by! You know the transformations first hand!