Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Much Noise

Donald Trump needs to just stop with this birther thing. He is on Morning Joe going on and on about our president having been born in Kenya. He sounds like a lunatic when he gets up on that soapbox. Problem is, he's using his huge reality TV platform and celebrity status to advance this argument, since most of the other birther hucksters don't seem to be breaking through. This birther thing has been investigated down to the last detail. Consider: Any Fox News affiliate would give their right arm to prove that which cannot be proved because it is not true. Our president was born in Hawaii, people! Last time I checked, it was still a state. So why do so many right wings pols feel that their only strategy to plant the sense of Barack Obama as The Other. Huckabee even managed to suggest that he was a Mau Mau rebel sympathizer back on "the dark continent." All he betrayed was a woeful ignorance of history. I think the right must really be scared. And so now we have Trump climbing aboard this bandwagon with gusto. Sweet Willie Geist just said it all: "Donald Trump, you may have a problem when even Pat Buchanan is shooting holes in your birther conspiracy theory." This is why so many people are going about their lives with their hands covering their ears. The screeching 24/7 news chatter has become just so much noise.


  1. Which is why I don't watch/listen. Easier to ignore. I think Trump just wants to be president. What complete crap!

  2. as my grandma used to say 'empty vessels make the most noise'......

  3. As far as I remember Tramp always was noisy(annoying) person.

  4. Trump is totally tragic and if he was hurrumphing anywhere else - I can think that he would be summarily dismissed in London - he would be ignored as the court jester. Which he is - and less because he's not that funny, just pathetic. Unfortunately here there are those who actually want to believe him!

  5. And it's only going to get worse. We still have nearly 2 yrs wild accusations and insinuations to go through. I'm with Ms Moon... turn the crap off!

  6. it's usually against my principles to even acknowledge the existence of these people. those people. tiny little minds. fetid little minds.
    heads stuck in the sand. i am waiting for the tide to come in, wash them all out to sea.

  7. Tess, ditto!

    Ms. Moon, agree wholeheartedly!

    mouse, this vessel is a huge void, then! your grandmother is wise...

    Megalis mom, yes!

    Olga, i love that you called him Tramp. annoying for sure.

    Jody, court jester sums it up!

    Deborah, hard to imagine worse. thank god for the mute button.

    susan t., ha! i was going to say, wake me up when it's time to vote. i'm thinking that will be the tide.