Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Room

"There are things known 
and things unknown and 
in between are the doors."

—Jim Morrison

A little while ago, I was getting lost in images of luxurious unmade beds. I knew it was because I was tired. I wanted to sink into those beds and not wake up till I was good and ready. But of course, life goes on and we run with it. Now I seem to be fixated on doors, and in fact, they may be a perfect metaphor for where I find myself at this moment. Some doors are opening for me, letting in a fresh breeze, but as yet I am standing just back from the threshold, face turned into the warmth of the sun, content to be at a remove. And yet, something is calling me forward. I am hovering, trying to discern what it is. Right now, the half-light of the room I am in offers a moment of respite, a quiet corner in which I can breathe and take stock. But the sun keeps rising in the sky, and the day beckons, all smiles.

The room in my mind looks something like the one above. I found it on a lovely visit to Nancy Norton in a just discovered corner of the blogosphere. French window views just slay me. I think I need to go there with my love.



    I have a copy of the picture, The Blue Door hanging in my house now. If you go to that link, you'll see why.
    I love you, Angella

  2. I love open doors -- doors in general, opening. I imagine many opening for you.

    (and I loved Ms. Moon's link, too!)

  3. Wonderful, as always!!
    Have a glorious weekend, my friend!
    Sending love ~

  4. Your writing is wonderful - a joy to read. I'm new to your blog - I love to find new London-based folks who write about my favorite city. Yours is exceptionally well-written, so I peek at it regularly! This photo you included sealed the deal.

  5. stepping in

    stepping out


  6. Ms. Moon, i loved the story behind your picture of the blue door. love to you, friend.

    Elizabeth, may all your future doors open with minimal effort and admit the sweetest of breezes, carrying away your worries. hugs.

    Gabriele, a wonderful weekend to you!

    M, nice to meet you! i hope you come again.

    michelle, so glad you let me know you were here, so i could give you this great big hug. will be by to visit you, soon.