Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Very Berry Girl

My very favorite thing to do on this blog is post pictures of my family. I can never get enough of them. I want to remember every hour, every fleeting look, every burst of laughter and silliness and concentration and love. With my son away at college, it's harder for me to capture those moments now, and he is also less willing in front of my little red Canon. My husband, too, makes faces when I raise the camera, or waves his hands in front of his face and is generally uncooperative. But my daughter has learned to ignore me when I point the lens at her, and that is a mother's dream. Thank you for indulging me, sweetheart. Here is the latest, taken last evening while you were lost in homework, or was it Facebook chat? Child of mine, I love you.


  1. I want my daughter to grow up like her.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. What a great shot!! No surprise there! Look at the subject-matter and the photographer!! Love it, my friend.
    Hey! You missed my new post by a nano second! Come baaaack!! :)
    Sending love ~

  3. I'm sure it was homework. I always pictured mine studying in the library when they went away to college.

  4. I am deeply envious, as my youngest son, living at home still, does the waving of arms and disapproving glare from under gathered eyebrows when the camera (or phone) come out. My oldest, living the life of a grown man far away in Maine, is too busy with a beloved woman and two small children - and of course, too far away - to be caught by any lens other than the one in my heart. She is so beautiful. You are blessed indeed.

  5. What a beautiful girl. I see the beautiful woman in her, too. A reflection of you.

  6. We're glad you have at least one willing subject, Angella! It's great being able to meet her (and the others occasionally) this way.

  7. Mark, my friend, be careful what you wish for! but really, our girls are very cool, aren't they? yours did indeed remind me of mine.

    Gabriele, on my way!

    Kristin, ha! That's a good strategy!

    Angela, i feel your pain...why can't they just ignore us?

    Ms. Moon, i should be so lucky. But thank you!

    Elizabeth, no argument here. Love to you.

    Deborah, she says i make her sound better than she is on my blog, but really, she is a sweetheart.