Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everybody's President

The president was apparently passing by a daycare center, where he provoked a range of reactions. Who's the Democrat, who's the Republican and who's the Independent in this picture? It's not always the one you expect!



  1. Even if that photo was staged(which I'm thinking it was), I still love it. m.

  2. As my friend Kathleen says, "He is my president." I have never felt as proud of my country, EVER, as the day he was elected and I still feel that way. And I love that picture.

  3. Oh, I love that photo!

    And I still love Obama, too.

  4. That's just plain awesome!! :)
    Love you ~

  5. Marvelous! Thanks for posting this.

  6. So precious and poignant. I will always be an Obama fan. Always.

  7. Tess, i was quite taken with it, too.

    Mark, maybe it was staged. Lovely staging, though. Especially my girl on the right who is just not having it! Kid in the middle is all kinds of giddy, though.

    Susan, i'm not giving up either.

    Ms Moon, he is my president, too!

    ellen, ditto, sweet friend.

    Gabriele, isn't it though? xo

    T, a little levity amid the debt ceiling crisis!

    Kathleen, i am in the man's corner, too. I trust his heart and mind. and intellect. i think he is also tougher that it appears.

  8. Oh, this makes me so happy!! My six year old son calls him "The Rock" Obama (hee).