Monday, July 18, 2011

Imagine us



  1. Have a wonderful time!!! Safe travels, dear heart.

    Hugs and love,

  2. that looks like new orleans

  3. That wrought iron work is so intricate and beautiful! They sure don't make 'em like that anymore.

  4. It's not hard to imagine it -- and I'm even a tiny bit jealous!

  5. Will you throw me some beads if I flash you?

  6. Debra, thank you, sweet woman!

    Ms. Moon, i can imagine us there too!

    Rebecca, have you ever been? recommendations?

    ellen, thanks, dear friend!

    Deborah, i absolutely love that wrought iron.

    Elizabeth, can i take you with me?

    Mark, here come the beads. catch!

  7. Rats, I left a message that seems to have vanished. I know it is blogger running amok...but one worries about being voiceless. xo

  8. Angella, hello! Yes I've been there and I've been in love there, many times. Pre-Katrina. Haven't made it back since then but I plan to and soon however possible.

    Definitely see the tourist spots, the Farmer's Market and get fresh beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde get there early or there will be a line. Get some pralines at Aunt Sallys. Ride the streetcar from the French Quarter down Charles Avenue to the Garden District so you can see the mansions the streetcar is most fun and you can ride there and back for pennies and listen to the locals that way the sway and lilt of their accents and of course Bourbon Street at night.

    No dieting on this trip! Amazing food. Everywhere.

    After all that (after all that) find some locals to take you out on the Bayou on their little boats. Don't go on the tour your concierge recommends. It will be dull. While you're walking around the French Quarter, find a tour place. They'll know where to send you. Tell them you want a swamp tour.

    Visit a cemetery. If you have a car and see one stop and look around. Go to the shore of the Mississippi and love it. This is making me cry. I will e-mail more as I remember.


  9. Marylinn, can you send the message again? What did it say. You are never voiceless, my dear. Your voice soars.

  10. Rebecca, omg! omg! omg! i think you just gave us our whole itinerary! this sounds fabulous! thank you! im so excited i can barely sit still at work!

  11. Angella, I started crying and had to go make red beans and rice.

    I love you once
    I love you twice
    I love you more
    Than beans and rice


  12. ps. I can barely sit still either I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i love you back!!!!! more than thrice and more than beans and rice!!!!!

    and i love your exclamation marks!!!!! i love how you commit to them!!!!

  14. rebecca, see, i'm not good with exclamation marks with abandon. i make them too symmetrical. darn you, OCD.

  15. I love New Orleans...I never felt so attached to a city in my life as when I went there. I cried when we left all the way to the airport. Strange because I had never been there before (we went a Christmas just before Katrina and we felt like we were the only people there which was great)and I knew no one there. But it is dear to my heart. Guess they'll just have to throw a bit of my ashes into that hole in one of the tombs we saw when I depart so my soul will rest!

  16. okay - the exclamation conversation?
    God I love blogging.

  17. kim, with such a powerful response to the place, some might say you lived a past life there! fascinating how some places exert such a hold on us.

    deb, i love blogging too. through it, i found you!