Tuesday, July 26, 2011

London 2011

Two very cool dudes, one of whom calls me mom. 


  1. Your son has such a worldly flair about him!

  2. Does your son EVER not look cool, calm and collected?

  3. Miss A, he's a traveler for sure.

    ellen, groovy!

    Elizabeth, maybe you also marvel at your teenager, at his sleekness and ease. it's the same. i marvel that anyone can be so comfortable in their skin. i have always wondered what that feels like.

  4. That photo brought an immediate smile to my face! How are our children so incredibly sure of themselves? Look at your boy knowing exactly who he is and that his future holds good things...Very, very good things.

    I love it, Angella. Love you, friend.

  5. What a great shot of your handsome boy! Love it.
    I also just read your "I Love This Woman" post. Fabulous!
    Sending love your way ~

  6. What a great shot of your son, so happy and confident. Makes me really homesick for London

  7. Glad he's out enjoying this amazing weather! :)


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