Friday, July 29, 2011

Is this normal?

I don't know how to post here anymore. I second guess everything. Have you ever felt this way? Is this a normal stage in every blogger's life?


  1. "Is this a normal stage ... ?" Yes, it is. The next stage (the really scary one) is when, after so many people have told you how wonderfully you write and how beautiful your pictures are, you freeze up and become unable to do either one anymore. It passes. Just hold onto the sides of the boat and keep your life jacket strapped on tight.

  2. Very normal stage. Especially when people in your real life know about the blog. I've been censoring myself lately and writing more for an audience than organically and it doesn't feel authentic. Give it time and it will pass. We want you back.

  3. I fall in and out of love with blogging, as you've seen. Sometimes you just need a break! (Or do you mean you literally don't know how to post, in terms of the technical process? In that case, you STILL need a break!)

  4. I like Glenn's advice.

    “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

    - William Shakespeare


  5. Ditto Glenn M.

    You"ll feel it again soon.

  6. I think we all go through this. I write, post and then wonder...will they think it is silly, stupid, boastful,boring? Will the readers *get me*?
    Everything goes through my mind! You are a normal blogger :)
    I love reading here. No worries!
    xo, misha

  7. Glenn, as i wrote over on your blog, i think i found you just in time. what you say makes so much sense, and if i do tip into that second scary stage, i'll know to just hold on tight, and remember what Glenn said. Thank you!

    koshercritter, yes, that's it exactly. it doesn't work to censor ourselves! it just makes everything freeze. thank you, my friend!

    Steve, i know what you mean. i saw how it played out for you last year, and then you came back. i am just glad that you are back to blogging and i get to follow you vicariously as you settle into a whole new life in london!

    Dear Yolie, i know why Scott writes sonnets to you. You have such a kind and magical spirit. It just kind of sifts right through the screen. Thank you for the quote and love to you.

    Sweet Elizabeth, your mouth to god's ear. Have a wonderful time with your boys at the shore!

    misha, thank you for sharing this. This is how I've been feeling, but reading your words gave me the equanimity to put back up the last post that i had taken down, because i felt sort of silly when i read it later, and sort of pitiful. what the hell? such harsh self judgment! no one is thinking about it that hard. lol. glad you're here.

  8. i used to, when i first stared blogging. but that's what blogging is for; you shouldn' be thinking about it, you just should just write.

  9. I have times of doubting my ability to translate what seems clear in my head into words that will not confuse or annoy readers. Sometimes it stops me, usually with good reason when I go back and look at drafts un-posted. Sometimes it just slows me down. I like the advice of, "...just write." Please. xo

  10. Please, don't stop:) Your passion shines through your blog. What I see in your posts is that you have something to say to the world.

  11. What is normal for blogger stages? Everyone is so different, it seems.

    I know how you feel, though. Sometimes I get one stray comment from a real-life friend who I didn't know even read my blog that makes me go back and re-think every single post, ever, and see what my blog must be from their point of view. I don't know, ever since I added the page to my blog that describes my two novels I've been thinking maybe it's silly to keep my blog somewhat anonymous. I put my picture on it last year, why not my name? And yet something is stopping me.

    I loved the blog entry that you later took down, it's exactly what I would have thought at the time, too. :)

  12. Just start writing and see what your heart has to say. That's my advice.

  13. I haven't really had the "I don't know how to post" feeling but I certainly do have periods of intense interest alternating with no interest in blogging. I find when I really have something I want to share/write about it flows but the minute I tell myself I should write about something it becomes a chore and I don't do it. The writing process is a mysterious one. I also think Glenn makes a good point. This blog is ultimately for yourself and your readers will take from it what they will. I think most of us would agree that you are a gift.

  14. I've read your question a couple of times and honestly I don't even know how to respond to it. I think I'm a little afraid of blogger, I'm glad my family doesn't read it, I write things sometimes that make me jolt out of bed in the middle of the night and go, oh no why did I say that?, I worry that I've hurt someone unintentionally, I worry that my own sorry ass self will lie there on display in all its boring or inconsequential or nasty-minded colours, but beyond all that I get a huge lift from my small readership and love the writing practise and in the end it's all about writing practise and learning to balance truthfulness with kindness and still be interesting and connecting with people that I think are truly amazing. Fiction is a lot easier on the head.

    See, I told you your question had me stumped.


  15. I bet Bette Davis would have said, "Blogging is not for sissies".
    I feel stumped at times too. And I hate when I lose a 'Follower'. It's like losing a friend. I almost obsess over it. What did I do wrong? Why don't they like me anymore? But then I try to remember that peoples taste changes. We all like instant gratification and sometimes I don't blog once a week, maybe my style of writing has changed, or my subject-matter is no longer their thing. Whatever.
    It's a crazy world... blogging.
    I love you my friend and I love your blog!!!! It'll all fall into place again!! Writing is in your blood... and in your heart.

  16. Ahhh, yes, my friend. Not only is this a "normal" stage in a blogger's life, but I think that it is also a normal stage in our lives. Sometimes we feel the need to pull back and sometimes we just want to let loose. Sometimes we want to turn our faces up towards the sun and sometimes we just want to crawl underneath the covers and hide from the world. It will come, dear heart. Go out(or stay in) and shoot some more photographs. That is what I do when the words become stifled. It does not always work, but when it does, the words that are born can be enlightening and liberating.

    Hang in there, sweet friend.

    So much love,

  17. Dearest Angella,

    Let me give you these words of affirmation: I love this blog. I really, really do. I love the pictures, the stories, the archives, the writing, the introspection, the everything. I delight in your humility and seek to emulate the kind of relationship that you share with your growing children. I love how transparent your writing is and how many breathtaking pictures of your children that you have not only caught on camera, but scanned into a digital form. This, I know, is work.

    Love oozes from this place. Love and art and all kinds of things. I have spent hours reading your archives when work awaits and sighing at the loving gazes your boy and girl cast into your camera lenses.

    You, my sister, are a gift. I agree with Ms. Moon--just see what your heart has to say. Don't overthink it. Just be your beautiful self. Loving on your mother, loving on your husband, loving on your children, and loving on this life.

    We will read it if you write it. We will grow, too. Know this. Believe this. And please--keep the light on at 37 Paddington.

    Someone wise said, "The love is in the details." If this is true, then love is found here. Yes, it is.

  18. To all of you who offer such encouragement here, thank you. You make such a difference in my life, and yes, in my writing process too. Without you, it would be so easy to just fold when the words get hard. I am grateful for you, and humbled by your generosity, wisdom, kindness, love.

    You remind me that we are here together. None of us is alone. I have so much love for you. Thank you.

  19. normal?

    what's that?

    you are an incredibly consistent blogger...just do what feels right to you - whenever and whatever....



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