Monday, July 11, 2011


This showed up in the camp photo gallery today, along with numerous other photos of my boy, leading the green team in the camp olympics, which they call Color Wars. The photo gallery is for parents of campers who want to see that their children are fine and busy and happy, but it works just as well for parents of full grown counselors. I still subscribe, just as I did when my boy was a camper himself. Pictures of your babies never get old.


  1. He looks wonderful:) I remember Color Wars at camp. Probably some of the same games as we played 35 years ago!


  2. And they never do get old. Beautiful.

  3. Super cool boy you have there! Very neat that you are able to see him at work!

  4. Hamming it up for the camera! m.

  5. Deborah, i think i even have a picture of his dad with his head held the same way!

    Debra, the more things change... i bet it is still the same.

    Ms. Moon, yes. love.

    Rotton Mom, i love being able to peek!

    Mark, this is his goofball side.

  6. I never had the opportunity to go to camp but this looks just like all of the fun I imagined missing!

  7. Kathleen, i sometimes wish i could go back to camp. i think there is money to be made in this kind of experience for folks like us who imagined what we missed and want to do it now.

  8. wow. that sounds intriguing. Do we still get to get crushes on the counselors???


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