Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Wall

This wall on Tiemann Place in New York City makes me think prehistoric cave paintings should adorn its surface. It feels so ancient and out of time. I'm uploading photographs from the past few weeks this morning, a nifty escape from the demands of work. I have a lot of catching up posts to do, but perhaps all I will be able to manage is to put up photographs and let them speak. Do you see the woman dancing, her skirts swirling flamenco-like, at the center of this wall? Do you see the hint of water flowing down in the faint splashes of light?



  1. I love the flares of light both in and on this wall, Angella. Walls like this one are hard to ignore, aren't they? They invite us to lean in closer, to ponder their character, their great age, their yet-to-be-disclosed stories.

    Sending love from my tax piles to yours ; ) xo

  2. wow this is gorgeous. take me there lol