Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lisa and Zoe

"Having Zoe saved my life. 
It was my wake-up call. 
There were so many things 
I didn't want to pass on to her." 

—Lisa Bonet

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lisa and Lenny, is the new Hollywood royalty. She's on the verge of breaking big. I'm pitching a story on her because I'm rooting for her. There is something about her that reminds me of my daughter. And what her mother, the beautiful Lisa Bonet, said, I get that. If you're lucky, your children force you to find the high road. What you can do for no one else, you do for them.


  1. You know, I had the biggest gay crush on Lisa Bonet in the 80s. I just connected to her because of our whole Bi-racial thing we both have going on. But while she was cool cool cool, I was, um, well, the opposite.
    I never thought I would ever say this but, "Where has the time gone"? It seems like yesterday that her having Zoe was such a huge scandle. And yes, that Zoey is a beauty for sure. m.

  2. I very much like Zoe Kravitz, she's fresh, she's bright, she's smart, she's edgy but not in an annoying way.
    She reminds me of my younger cousins, who are city smart and wise and trendy but very much still generous with their emotions and raw and honest.
    I'm also rooting for her, the same way I've been rooting for her awesome mom.

  3. My goodness she's lovely! She's around the same age as Frances Bean Cobain, isn't she? Both of those lovely girls are def. emerged from their chrysalis's it seems.

  4. Good luck with the piece you're pitching!

  5. Oh, and Lisa is now with this dude Jason Momoa. Damn. Go Lisa!

  6. I have been fascinated by that glorious child since she was in her beautiful mother's belly. Yes. She is royalty.
    Yes. Lisa is right. So are you.

  7. ah i love these quotes. and i love zoe because she's not conventional. and she doens't fit into your mold of black girl. love it.

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Lenny Kravitz about 10 years ago, when I did a modeling project in Miami. He was nice, gracious, and just plain "real". I think Zoe is pretty lucky to have these two great parents.
    Look forward to reading about your project!
    xo, misha

  9. Our children do force us to find the high road...not always as early, as quickly as we would like. There are regrets which I will probably drag along forever, but do know that I have come a long way from where I began and am still more than willing to learn. And...what beautiful women, I hope the magazine takes you up on your story idea.xo

  10. Yes. We climb mountains and then move them....all for them.