Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meanwhile back at camp

This was taken the night of the Mardi Gras Banquet, and these are all the junior counselors from my daughter's unit, hamming it up on the pier. I gather that floating 2011 dino sculpture behind them was from Jurassic Zombie Day and was set aflame once night fell. These young ladies look like they're having the time of their lives. Meanwhile I have one eye on the calendar and a quiet comfort in the knowledge that in less than two weeks, my son and daughter will be coming home. And I'm also wondering, why are there no grown-up versions of summer camp? The closest thing to it I've ever experienced was a month at an artist's colony. I think working stiffs should be forced to find their own versions of summer camp for one month each year. At the very least. Imagine how much more productive and civil our society would be.


  1. Wow. A whole month? That sounds a bit scary to me now as I get ready to take the "little" one to college.....Beautiful girls!
    p.s. regarding my post yesterday and your comment....this is the quote that greeted me this morning

    And don't we all, with fierce hunger,
    crave a cave of solitude,
    a space of deep listening-
    full of quiet darkness and stars,
    until finally we hear a syllable of God
    echoing in the cave of our hearts?
    ~Macrina Wiederkehr

    Isn't life grand???

  2. What a smile on her face!

    That's a great idea, Angella. The working stiffs would loosen up if we all spent a month in nature. At least this particular stiff certainly would. :)

  3. Elizabeth, they're all so radiant. i don't remember being so radiant at that age.

    Kathleen, what a beautiful sentiment. I love that "syllable of God echoing in the cave of our hearts."

    ellen, that smile of hers jumps right off the screen for me! a month in nature would be just the ticket.

  4. European workers have long holidays...I don't know if they have camps but they do have time to decompress and establish an alternate pace. And sincere regard for parents who have raised children able to express such unself-conscious delight. xo