Friday, March 23, 2012

My Lovely Critics

My darling girl arrived home from Mexico tonight safe and sound. Brown as a berry, happy how it went, eyes dancing, eager to get to the next adventure, which was

The Hunger Games!

The movie. At midnight. She bought tickets weeks ago when they went on sale, and announced we were going together. 

So we did.

She carefully affixed her mockingjay pin to her sweater and off we went into the night.

The theater was full of college kids, who didn't want to wait an hour more than they had to. Now, it's almost 4 a.m. My daughter and I are wide awake, thanks to the cups of strong coffee we had before the movie, her excitement at having finally experienced it, and my joy in having her home. She and her brother, who also went to the midnight show in his college town, are on the phone, deconstructing what worked, what didn't, the details they wish had been included. Such fans they are! 

My daughter wants more backgrounding on the character of Rue.

My son wants more of the cave scene and the love story. 

I think they should make movies together. That's about all I'll say about my lovely critics. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The score, for me, was particularly haunting.

And the company was sublime. 


  1. So glad she made it home safe and sound, and you got to go see the movie together - I can't wait, and I know I'll have criticisms too - the movies never quite capture the book (except maybe Lord of the Rings!)I love what I've heard of the score. I'm hoping to see it this weekend if the crowds die down a little.
    Love the picture of your kids :)

    1. Mel, you'll probably like the movie if you read the book. You'll be able to infer what's missing. Hugs.

  2. I'm glad she's home.
    I really am excited to see that movie although I have no idea what it's about. But everyone's talking about so it must be good.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Mark, I'm curious to know how the movie comes across for someone who hasn't read the books.

  3. Yay! She is home and safe! Of course.
    I have no desire to see that movie. Why IS that? I heard on NPR that the score was indeed quite beautiful.

  4. Have you read the book? I haven't, but for some reason all the hype about the movie has got me some what interested. Glad you had an all-nighter =)

    1. Rachel, i think you might enjoy the books. They create a world.

  5. My older grandkids were all excited about going to see this movie too. After hearing what it's about I have no desire to either read the book or see the movie. Too much violence happening in the real world for me to want to immerse myself in fictional.

  6. Kristin, i get that. totally. And yet, the books leave me with more of a sense of heroism than violence. of meeting the worst on your own terms and rising above. but i get what you're saying for sure: nothing to celebrate about violence.