Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

My son is home! He arrived late last night and leaves again on Monday night. He called from the bus to tell his sister he was craving New York City pizza. So that's what we had for dinner last night. He looks good, seems relaxed and easy in himself. He is on the long couch reading the second book of Hunger Games, while watching the Knicks play the Sixers in basketball. Across from him, my girl is on the love seat next to a young man who is visiting. Like my daughter, he has just gotten into a school he wants to attend. The two of them are doing calculus and giggling over private jokes they think no one can hear, while also watching the Knicks. My husband is in the armchair next to them, also watching the Knicks. I am behind them with the armoire open, tapping out this word memory, because my children have forbidden me to pick up my camera today. Their protests do not make for good photographs, so unless I decide to ignore their protests, these words will have to do. It's a sweet Sunday afternoon. All of us cheering or moaning in unison depending on what's happening in the game. My daughter wanted to introduce this young man to her brother. She told him that he had to be on his best behavior because her brother is more protective of her than her dad. This might actually be true.


  1. Oh, your boy is home! Your boy is home! This thrills me for you. You know it does for true.

  2. rebecca, you know its true!
    love you woman.

  3. I always SO wanted a big brother. It was such a fantasy of mine. I love that your daughter has that.

  4. I had a very protective big brother (he being 5 years older than I). Sometimes it was not so good (when I was a teen) and now that we are grown up I love having him be the elder guy!

    Isn't it nice when the home feels in balance? Home feels complete when those who have lived her are once again filling the space.

    It is funny when they don't want our camera on them too....

  5. Well, I'm sorry not to see a photo of this cozy domestic scene, but your words suffice!

  6. We don't need a photo to visualize this warm family scene... your words paint the picture eloquently. Sounds wonderful.

    I guess your daughter's really growing up huh? Reminds me of decades ago when a certain cousin of your husband's would come by our house on a Sunday evening just to watch TV or do homework... the two of us on the sofa and mom in the armchair next to it... him on such good behavior, mother was totally in love with him... still is...

  7. Deborah, your mom could tell he was a keeper! To your lasting credit, so could you! Hugs.

  8. Oh yes, about brothers, it's so true.
    Enjoy having your pizza loving boy at home!