Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

Something is working in my unconscious and I am doing my darndest to bring it up to the surface, to shine that light on it that makes all scary shadow monsters merely life-sized. This is just life, the swim and flux of it, the gap between perfect and real, the simplicity of what is.


  1. While you are trying to figure it out, go buy a pot of flowers in some dirt. Put them where you can see them.
    And be patient- time will tell and your sadness will pass.

  2. Very good advice there ... Be patient.

  3. Me too Angella. Me too, me too.

  4. Monday moods....take it slow.

  5. Sending love Angella.
    I have had a rough couple of weeks. Life is such a mystery.
    You have wildly unbelievable on the cusp of life children. Succeeding in ways that are such a reflection of their parents. Of you.
    I often fall into my deepest low when I should be happiest. Fear?
    I think I live with an undercurrent of impending doom. I'm getting better.

  6. I remember one 'time change Sunday' when I was a little girl. My mom had all the doors and windows open, letting in the twilight and the hesitant warmth. I told her that I was feeling very sad, and couldn't explain why. I get this way every year...

    I hope your scary shadow monsters slink away from your warmth, Angella. They should be afraid. They have nothing on your strength and courage. xoxo

  7. i know we don't know each other, angella, but i'm sending love vibes up your way just the same.

  8. Whatever's there will appear when it's ready. Meanwhile, just experience your feelings! Hugs!

  9. That last sentence, I have to remember that too. I was feeling this way yesterday. Today I'm making myself smile and feeling better for it.