Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Fathers

Happy father's day to the best three fathers I've had the privilege to know: My dad, my father in law and my husband. Lightening struck three times in my life, bringing such gifts. I don't know why I should be so blessed, but there it is.

When this photo of my mom and dad and my husband and children was taken on Father's Day in 1995, my dad was already in a wheelchair, crippled by the cancer that had spread to bone, and would take him from us less than a year later. And yet his spirit was as robust as ever, he was still our center. I love this picture because it is one of the few I have of all of us. My daughter was one and my son was three, climbing all over the good fathers.


  1. Like so many of them do, your photo brings tears to my eyes. There's something ALWAYS poignant about the eyes, the humanity -- so beautiful.

  2. Generations yet again ... I swear, generations are the real "Jacob's Ladder," each rung representing a parent and a child, one going before, one coming after. You should sing out your joy in your outside voice!

  3. I keep crying today, seeing these loving posts about loving fathers. Every damn time I think I am done with ever grieving any more about not having a father, I discover I never will be.
    This is not to say that you-had-a-father-and-I-didn't. This is to say that I am so glad that people who did have fathers who loved them so much know it and appreciate it.
    What beauty in this picture.

  4. It's beautiful. It really is. This, is what my dreams were made off. I'm glad you've been blessed with such good men in your life. It's well deserved. I feel just like Ms.Moon, it's bittersweet, but the sweet is taking over, which is good. So good. Smiling at y'all.

  5. What a beautiful and poignant moment, knowing what was coming. Wonderful photo.

  6. they are blessed ot have so may wonderful men in their lives.


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