Friday, June 1, 2012


There's a line in Girls, the new HBO comedy series about a quartet of twentysomething girlfriends in New York City, that keeps playing in my head. It loops trough practically every morning actually. One character is kvetching to another. She says, "The problem with having a job is you have to go every damned day whether you feel like it or not."

Lordy. Yes.

But my son arrives tonight for a few days. His love arrives from England next Tuesday. My niece is here. My daughter's prom is tomorrow. Another British friend of my children needs to overnight with us. And my brother arrives back in New York next week, along with assorted cousins and elder aunts (for a sad reason, but still). The merry-go-round is at full tilt. Whirl, baby, whirl.


  1. Well, if it's good to stay busy, you are GOOD!!!

  2. Wow you have an amazing theatre coming right at you! Front row seats!
    You won't even notice if I stop in, so maybe I will!

    haha, just kidding, but if I were in ny ....

    enjoy darling, don't work too hard.

    I like that show Girls, I've only seen it twice but the main character is so good.

  3. Actually, that's something I really grapple with. I've been in international work with long gaps between gigs, and before that I was a teacher for years with long summer breaks, and before that I would quit jobs on a very regular basis for really any reason. The trend is that I don't seem to want to stay at jobs that require showing up every day. Hm. Something for me to think about.

  4. That is exactly the problem with jobs. They interfere with your private life in a terrible manner.

    I'm hoping you find some balance on the merry go round. I feel like that right now too, so many comings and goings and I'm about to come to a screeching halt for my hysterectomy, just thinking about doing nothing, driving nowhere, sitting and being cared for makes me hyperventilate. I have too much to do...

    Remember to breathe and get all the wonderful hugs and smiles and laughs you can get. xo

  5. Isn't Girls just the greates show? I'm in love with it. By the way, I am now also addicted to Downton Abbey, because of you, so thanks for that :)

    Those are fun whirls, though. It helps you get through the workdays to have something to look forward to, right?

  6. Whew!

    I don't have HBO and am intrigued by the sound of that show and then I'm not.

  7. That is a great quote. I was thinking about that sort of thing this week as I walked to work and thought about the fact that my job is about building something. It's the day to day, small moments that add up to the big experience of "first grade". Learning a little bit at a time and then one day "WOW!" look what we accomplished.

    It makes me thrill to show up every day and move a little bit further along with the children. So, for me, this quote should be amended to "the great thing about teaching is that everyday I show up I am given a gift"